The King is dead, long live the king

GFXZone was founded by 3D Addict in late 1996 as a small section of a personal home page. The idea was to create a small demo scene graphics gallery, to show off some of the best scene art on the web. With time, GFXZone grew bigger and expanded from being a small gallery, to be the biggest demo scene graphics site of its time on the net. With the help of NDK, GFXZone blossomed until 2004.

Today, ArtCity has taken over this job and will continue the presentation of demoscene art and art by demosceners as long as possible. How ArtCity came to live and the process of creating it can be read here. No GFXZone graphics are lost. The complete picture archive is secure and will be added / has already been added to the ArtCity database and the GFXZone url will lead to ArtCity in the future. If you were a regular visitor, a suppoter or in any other way related to GFXZone in the past, we, the ArtCity Staff, invite you to continue the journey GFXZone started in 1996 at ArtCity today.

Visit ArtCity and discover newly created pixel art:

Or dive into the GFXZone:

GFXZone - the ultimate demo scene graphics site!

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