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    Three more party archives in this update. The first one is for the German Evoke 2002 (4262KB). Some nice graphics in this one by Critikill, CP, Noize, and a panaromic image that is over 7000 pixels wide!

    Other archives are for Hungarian Flag 2002 (4888KB), with nice entries by Magicboy, Mime and Critikill, and for Russian Paradox 2002 (4826KB). Enjoy!

    Wade started on the Amiga demoscene somewhere in the early nineties and a couple of years ago it looked like he left the scene. Lucky for us he picked up his old habits again, so we can look forward to seeing more of his work in future productions.

    Some of the images Wade created are really classics (imho), do you remember that old guy behind the window of the spaceship in the Amiga demo The Relic? That image was by Wade. A total of 25 images by Wade are available in a new personal gallery on the gfxzone. These images are mostly his older 8bit work, and additionally there are also a couple of more recent 24bit graphics by Wade. Enjoy!

    Enter the new Wade gallery.

    Many parties have been held over the past few months, which means many graphics will be added to the GFXZone. And I hope you like party archives, because we plan to add a lot of those to this site in the near future (knock on wood)!

    In this update the first archive is for the Spanish Euskal 10 party. Plenty of graphics were released in the 5 graphics compos at this party. The current image of the week by Shock won this party, I have seen some in-between stages of his image and I am impressed! But the Euskal archive has more to offer, other winner-quality graphics by Newalpha, Pwyll, Zaac and 8bit images by Interface and Leunam. Lots of megabytes, but worth the Download (8590KB).

    Furthermore, there is an archive for Buenzli 11 (2959KB), where Acet1 ruled the compo with a kick-ass image, and an archive for Antiq 2002 (2314KB).

    With the release of the new Lord of the Rings movie gettings closer every single day, I was wondering about your movie theater habits. Are you annoyed when the person 5 rows in front of you is eating something out of a crispy bag making so much sound you can't concentrate on the movie? So, what is your favourite movie refreshment? :-)

    Our last poll stirred an unusual amount of reactions from visitors in my inbox. I don't mind, I always like to hear about your views! The question we asked last time was when you thought the scene would die, and it seems that about 60% of the voters think there will always be a demoscene in some form or another. Check out the old results for a more detailed breakdown of the score if you are interested.

    A new personal gallery has been added to the GFXZone, this time it is for the Polish graphician Rork. Rork has been using his Amiga to create graphics for a long time and I am sure you have seen some of his graphics before. Recently Rork started using a PC and a tablet to create 24bit graphics, and I was glad to see that he has been able to bring his unique 8bit style into his 24bit graphics.

    In this new personal gallery you will find a nice display of the best graphics Rork ever created. Most of these graphics are 8bit, except for the image that is also our current image of the week. 20 Images in total have been added for your viewing pleasure.

    Enter the new Rork gallery

    Btw, Rork told me that he is looking for a job in the gaming industry. So send him a mail now if you want to use his graphics in your project!

    A lot of people creating demoscene graphics have been around for many years, sometimes even a decade or more. For new graphicians it is always extra hard to get the recognition they seek. One of those new graphicians is Polish BamboOS. He has not been around very long, but I've seen his graphics all over the place. Especially his logo's popped up in quite a few demoscene productions. Besides doing graphics, BamboOS is also coding.

    Enter the new BamboOS gallery

    The reason for the delay in GFXZone updates lately is major hardware problems on my main machine. I hope everything is fixed now, so I'll be able to reply to all your mails. If you haven't received a reply by now, please contact me again.

    For this update we expand the GFXZone with a personal gallery with graphics from Magicboy. Twenty images from this Dutch newschool graphician are online for your viewing pleasure. Don't expect any small 8bit graphics, all the images in this gallery are 24bit.

    Besides the graphics Magicboy creates, you might also know him from his animations. I vividly remember seeing his It's over animation on the last TakeOver party in 2001. This is one of my favourite demoscene animations of all time. It is available from scene.org if you are interested.

    Enter the new Magicboy gallery

    If a certain time of the year could be called party season, this is it! The amount of parties that have been held lately is simply overwhelming. In due time the graphics from these parties will find their way onto the GFXZone, this update is for Assembly 2002.

    Unfortunately I have mixed feelings about the graphics released at this year's Assembly. The quality of the graphics is what you would expect from this party, but the ranking does not correctly reflect the high quality of some of the graphics. This seems to be a typical case where the preselection of graphics failed miserably. For example: out of the roughly 50 images in the 'drawn' compo only 15 were preselected to compete, and it looked to me like blind people were in the preselection team! Because of this many graphics that deserved to be in the compo were not shown at all, which must have been a huge disappointment for the graphicians involved.

    Anyway, the GFXZone decided to show you those 'unworthy' graphics as well. We selected 60 of the best images from the compos at Assembly. The compos are Raytraced, Analog (scanned sketches/paintings) and Drawn (freestyle). Don't look at the rankings too much, you decide which images you like.

    Enter the Assembly 2002 online gallery

    Not all graphics released at Assembly have been included in the online gallery. If you are interested in a collection of all the graphics, you could also download our party archive that has all the graphics from Assembly. Beware though, the archive is very large! Download. (47203KB)

    A visitor suggested the question in the new poll to us. When do you think the scene will die? It may sound like yet another rant about the state of the scene, but since I am convinced that everyone is the scene and the scene is everyone, I am very curious about your views on this.

    The last poll inquired about the preferred graphical scene art of our visitors. It is probably not a complete surprise that most people prefer pixel and hand-drawn graphics, but I was surprised to discover that a whopping 91% of you thought so. These results will be considered in future updates and galleries on the GFXZone.

    In this update we have a lot of new graphics to show you. A few party archives and an online party gallery for Symphony 2002.

    In the short time the Symphony party exists, it has grown to one of the biggest (perhaps the biggest?) parties in Poland. For the online gallery we have selected the 10 best graphics from the pixel compo at Symphony. The winner image by Mime is also our current image of the week, other interesting graphics by Critikill, Lester, Statique and others! Enter the Symphony 2002 online gallery

    The online gallery for Symphony contains only a selection of the graphics from that party, we have also uploaded an archive with all graphics from all compos for Symphony 2002 (7641KB). Additional party archives are for Lobotomia 2002 (2359KB), with an image by Visualice and for React 2002 (1259KB).

    A few graphicians do their best work in pairs, one of those teams are the Gfx-twins. The Gfx-twins are not real twins, but two friends who discovered that they got along very well doing graphics on C64. From there they migrated to Amiga and painted lots of lowres graphics for Essence and Scoopex.

    For this update we have created a new personal gallery with 25 of the images of the Gfx-twins. All the images are small pallette images, and all the images have been created many years ago. This means yet another gallery on the GFXZone for all you pixel-lovers! Enter the new Gfx-twins gallery

    We have a few galleries on the GFXZone that are filled with images that share a theme. One of those theme galleries is the Manga gallery, which is obviously a collection of Manga-themed scene-images.

    This theme gallery has been expanded with a fourth part and 20 additional images! There are pixeled images, a bit of photoshop work and even a few traced images. Some of the images have been created almost a decade ago, others are more recent. A few of them are copies and a few are original. Anyway, just check it out and see if there are some images you like.

    Visit the fourth part of the Manga gallery.

    Finally we can put a new poll online. What type of scene graphics do you like to see best? For the sake of getting a clear result I tried avoiding going into too many detailed categories, so you only have three basic choices. Choose wisely :)

    For the previous poll we asked you why you visit the GFXZone. It seems that 40% of the visitors like the online galleries of the GFXZone best. The previous results are available here, don't forget to vote in the new poll on the right side of this page.

    A little while ago I was approached by Pix who was wondering if we were interested in doing a gallery with his graphics. Sure, it never hurts to help. So this week we can give you a new online gallery, this time a personal gallery for Pix.

    The gallery contains 35 of the best images Pix created for the scene. Most of his work is done in 320*256 in 8bit, pixel lovers will be pleased with this gallery. Enter the new Pix gallery

    Ghandy submitted a news-item regarding a new sceneportal:

    A new sceneportal has opened its doors. It's called Diskmag.de and it will try to satisfy the needs of diskmag lovers. Not only from one computer platform, no, from all platforms!

    Everything is surely in the making, but a visit or two are surely not a waste of time. The site is maintained by the former SCENETarian Ghandy, supported by the Amiga editor Zito, and by Wildmag's mained MadOs. Downloads in co-op with Ftp.Chscene.ch, the wellknown email database, a list of commented links, and much more awaits you. All your eyes can eat! Visit diskmag.de

    [news item submitted by Ghandy / Scarab & Vantage]

    Just like every year around easter there are multiple demoscene parties sceners can go to. The Gathering is one of those Easter parties and in this update we have a party archive with the compo graphics for that party. There are some interesting graphics in the archive, but for me personally none of them really stood out among the others. The pixel compo was won by Tmk. Download the Gathering 2002 archive (6636KB).

    Another Easter party is Birdie in Sweden, and we have an archive for that party too. The best graphics at this party were created by Neurodruid and Magicboy. Download the Birdie 2002 archive (2254KB).

    Last party archive this time is for the Spanish party Durango. Shock got second in the 2D compo, and this compo was won by Pwyll, who was also kind enough to send me the compo graphics from that party. Download the Durango 2002 archive (3588KB).

    Yup, it is time again for a new poll. We like to know what you think, so please take a second and make your voice heard.

    If we know what you like about the GFXZone you will enable us to tune this website to your wishes, so for the new poll question we would like to learn why you visit the GFXZone?

    Last time we asked when you were born, and you can see in the previous poll results that most of the 301 sceners that voted have been created in the late seventies or early eighties. Thanks for your votes.

    After being unavailable for a couple of days the GFXZone is online again. It looks like some mail has been lost in this process, so if you have send a message to the GFXZone over the past couple of days please resend it. Many thanks to the guys from planet-d for solving this so quickly!

    Today's update adds a party gallery for Mekka & Symposium 2002. A total of 56 graphics from all the graphics compos at Mekka have been added in this new gallery. Just take a look and see if there is anything you like. The gallery includes a part for the C64 graphics compo. Enter the Mekka & Symposium gallery

    You can also download an archive with the complete collection of all the graphics from all the compos at Mekka. You'd better have a fast connection or a lot of patience if you want to download it, because the archive is large. Download the complete archive (25084KB).

    Today we would like to officially announce a special project the GFXZone team is working on.

    We are building a huge collection of demoscene graphics. This collection is much larger than what is available online on the GFXZone and we plan to release the entire collection to the demoscene on a DVD in the future. We welcome everybody to participate in this non-profit project, contributions of personal graphics collections are especially welcome.

    Over the next couple of days two of the biggest scene events of the year will take place, The Gathering and Mekka & Symposium. I will be visiting Mekka myself, so this could be a perfect occasion for you to contribute to the DVD project. If you are a graphician, a demoscene lover, or a mad collector like I am, take your graphics collection to Mekka and contribute to the project! Every contribution is welcome: oldskool, lowres, newskool, hires, 8bit, 24bit, traced, C64, Speccy, CPC, full screen images, logos, cliparts, diskmag backgrounds, object textures, sketches and you name it. You will be credited for your contribution.

    If you are not going to Mekka and still want to contribute, or you have suggestions for the DVD project, mail me. See you at Mekka!

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