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    A couple of weeks ago in France there was a party called Synthesis, and today we added an archived gallery with the gfx entries from this party. Some of the party graphics from Synthesis have been image of the week on the GFXZone in the past few weeks, including the current iotw by Shi. Other great graphics by Degrysin, Exocet, Lenudist, Mantra, Ozane, Sacri, Splif, Ubik, Zaac, Zone and others! Download the archive for Synthesis 2002 (9957KB).

    Other archives have been added for Krangparty 2001 (2706KB), with some good graphics by Junkan and Razorback, and Dutch party Woest 2002 (1016KB).

    In our previous poll we asked you for which graphician you would like to see a personal gallery, and 30 percent of you voted for Louie. Because of this result, and because a Louie personal gallery should have been created on the GFXZone a long time ago, we present you with a new online gallery. A Louie gallery :-)

    Louie has been creating graphics for the demoscene for many years, so in his gallery you will find many classic images. But I think it is also safe to assume that you will find lots of unknown graphics here - I have received many graphics from Louie which he wanted us to include in this personal gallery!

    Ofcourse his entries for early editions of The Party have been included (from TP93 onwards), but much more is available. The first part of his gallery has a lot of classic lowres graphics and higher parts show more recent work. Enter the new Louie gallery

    Last time we asked you in our poll from which graphician you would like to see a personal gallery. Because of this poll the GFXZone now has a Louie gallery, you can check the old poll-results here. We hope to add personal galleries of other graphicians that you requested in the near future.

    The next poll is a so-called demographical poll (how appropriate). Just tell us what year you were born, it's easy!

    Today a couple of party archives have been added to the online collection, and I have to say that there are some reasonably decent graphics for you to see.

    The first archive is for a party from last year, Demobit 2001 (4282KB), Where Shtif ruled the graphics compos.

    Also available are archives for Hype 2002 (3007KB), where a manga pic won the compo, and 0a000h 2002 (1668KB), where Statique won pixel and Degrysin won traced.

    The february poll has been a bit delayed, but finally it is here. We would like to hear from you who you think should get a personal gallery on the GFXZone.

    Creating a personal gallery is not a five-minute job for us - we always try to get in contact with the graphician, and ask if they will allow us to create a personal gallery. This costs some time, but it does give the best results. So if you will tell us who you think should have a personal gallery soon, we know where to focus our efforts...

    We have compiled a short list of graphicians you can vote for. If you think people are missing on the list, just mail us directly and tell us who you think should have a personal gallery. With this poll you have the ability to directly influence the content of the GFXZone!

    In this update we present you a new personal gallery that has been sadly lacking on the GFXZone until today. The gallery is for Fiver, which makes it a new personal gallery for an oldschool graphician!

    Fiver used to be a pretty active Amiga graphician in the mid-nineties. A lot of his graphics are created in Amiga hires screenmode (640*256), so we have vertically stretched those graphics to allow for a more correct aspect ratio when viewing. The personal gallery shows 40 images by Fiver, enter the gallery here.

    I vividly remember seeing his superb Artwork logo in the Amiga demo Greenday for the first time. (That logo is image 14 in part 2 of his new personal gallery.) In this demo there was a really cool palette-trick performed on the logo, which made it seem like a sunrise was happening in the picture. Anyway, just watch the demo if you want to know what I mean :-)

    Pheon submitted a news-item regarding Siggraph:

    The Demoscene Outreach crew invites all sceners to submit their intros and demos to one of the most important conferences on computer graphics, Siggraph. We are very happy to assist anyone with the submitting process, as it requires conversion to NTSC VHS.

    For more information read this text. Be quick, the deadline is March 6th!

    Quite often I get mails from people having images that are not on the GFXZone, and I really appreciate that. For some graphicians this happens more often than for others, but for Lazur this happens most often of all. So when even Lazur himself started mailing me graphics that were not yet in his personal gallery I realised that it was high time to create an update!

    As a result we bring you an update to the personal gallery of Lazur. The last time we updated his gallery was back in 1999, and today 20 images have been added to his personal gallery. When you check the gallery you will notice that Lazur has been experimenting a lot with graphical styles lately. Those of you that try to see all the latest graphics will be familiar with a couple of the added images, but I have also received a few images that I haven't seen anywhere else on the net.

    The following link will take you directly to the 8th part of the updated Lazur personal gallery, which has most of the added images. Enjoy!

    Every week we put a certain image in the spotlight by making it the GFXZone Image of the week. Today we combined all these images for the year 2001 into one special online gallery, the Image of the week gallery 2001.

    A total of 47 graphical gems by 43 different graphicians have been awarded Image of the week in 2001. As you can imagine there are a lot of high quality pictures in this gallery, visit the iotw gallery here

    madASScow submitted a news-item regarding the Project:

    The Project is an art collaborative and the website is now fully operationnal. So please give it a hug. As a non-profit group members of the Project explore and express their creativity in whatever way they choose.

    A couple of months ago the GFXZone started a new series of theme galleries about graphics on classic demoscene platforms. The first theme gallery was for the Amstrad CPC, and this time we are focussing on the ZX Spectrum.

    This machine has been very popular in the eastern parts of Europa and in Russia. Its popularity in that part of the world was similar to the popularity of the C64 and CPC in western Europe. To this very day the ZX Spectrum is a very popular platform at many Russian demoparties.

    An article has been written about the history, the specs and the graphical capabilities of the Spectrum. Especially the people who never used a Spectrum (like myself) will discover some interesting facts here. The article has been written in close cooperation with the people from ZpiXel, a Russian scene site about graphics on the Spectrum. It has been released simultaneously on the GFXZone and on ZpiXel. Read the ZX Spectrum article here.

    Ofcourse there are also a couple of graphics online for you to check out. No less than 180 graphics from the Speccy-scene are awaiting your visit. This gallery will give you a great overview of what the Spectrum is capable of, it includes old graphics and recent works. Enter the new ZX Spectrum theme gallery.

    Between Christmas and New Year is the time of The Party. If you have seen all the demos from The Party, you will have noticed that a lot of productions are not too hot (unfortunately). The same goes for the graphics released at The Party - there is some nice stuff, but I expected a bit more. Overall I enjoyed the raytraced graphics more than the pixels.

    We have created an online gallery that shows the top 10 pixel and top 10 raytraced graphics from The Party. At the time this gallery was created a lot of names for the people who created the graphics were unknown, the gallery will be updated when more info is available. For a complete collection of all the graphics, you should download The Party archive (14782KB).

    Another added archive is for Arroutada 2001. Jull was kind enough to give me access to those graphics that were not available on the GFXZone or the regular ftp channels. The current image of the week is from that party. Download the Arroutada archive here (5837KB).

    Tobias Reichert submitted a news-item regarding a new release of Infinity Textures v2.2:

    This release features many new natural generator functions (gravel, turbulence, clouds), a much improved interface and other goodies (like texture-on-model viewer). For a complete list of changes visit the website.

    Download at www.i-tex.de

    Starchild submitted a news-item regarding new real-time animation and scripting: (first seen on OJuice)

    A company called Anark just released some real-time animation and scripting software that makes some pretty cool s&$t. Kinda like 3D Flash on steroids... It actually looks like one could make demos with it. Small files even goes over the web and playes in IE via plugin.

    To herald the new year we have a very interesting personal gallery and interview combo. This time it is all about Unreal from Hungary (not to be mistaken with Polish Unreal). Unreal has been most active as a demoscene graphician in the mid to end ninetees.

    You have probably seen a few demos that feature artwork by Unreal. If you have, you know that his graphics use no more than 256 colours and always have very distinctive colour schemes. In the personal gallery we created for Unreal you can find 50 of his best images, the oldest images are from 1996. Unreal has send us quite a few previously unreleased works for this gallery! And also check out the highly appropriate Image of the Week by Unreal :-)

    Mr Ed from the GFXZone had the opportunity to do an interview with Unreal. It is not uncommon that GFXzone interviews take a long time to complete, but this interview was started about three years ago! Unreal talks about his early years in the scene, about his own graphics and his current situation.

    Read the Unreal interview and visit his new gallery

    New year is usually a time of looking forward. In this case looking forward to 2002 and the demoscene - what do you think will happen? You can give your opinion in the new poll on the right of this page. We at the GFXZone hope it will be a great new year for everybody!

    Ho-ho-hoooo! It is Christmas time and we have a surprise gift for you!

    3D Addict has created a high quality and very stylish wallpaper for your desktop. The resolution is 1280x960 and the image shows a big demo-esque object set in a digital environment. As you might expect from the GFXZone, a couple of classic demoscene graphics have been used as well. The image also shows our URL and slogan.

    On the right side of this page you will see your present waiting for you. You can download it by clicking on the gift or by downloading it here (1540KB). (Don't worry, the giftwrapping is not included on the image :-))

    Also, the current image of the week has a christmas theme. Who would have known Santa Claus was a gamer? Thanks to Jull for sending the image!

    The GFXZone team wishes you a merry Christmas!

    This update has been a bit delayed due to technical problems, but after some help from Jimbo/Planet-d the problems soon disappeared. Without Planet-d the GFXZone would not exist in its current state, so thanks!

    It seems to be the quiet season in the scene, let's hope that this is the quiet before the storm which is The Party. Until then, we have a little update to our website.

    What we added in this update are party-archives, but the quality of the graphics in these new archives is not what I would have liked to see. Download added archives for the 2001 editions of Kindergarden (1490KB), Millenium(fr) (2628KB) and Spoletium (797KB).

    The biggest disappointment was for DreamHack (11707KB). For a party that has almost 50 entries in the graphics compos I expected a few good entries. But I regret to tell you that the quality of most of the graphics is very low. Some of the traced entries could be considered interesting, so only download this archive if you are really interested or have a high speed modem...

    This update contains a bit of reading material for graphicians looking for tips. First of all, we have for you an article originally written by XBarr explaining how he created one of his pictures. The picture he writes about is the train picture from the demo Toys by Gods and his article gives some insight into XBarr's approach when creating pictures. Read his text here

    Also, we removed some of the dust that was gathering on an old article on the GFXZone. Maybe you remember the old DemoNews from a couple of years ago? Well, in DemoNews Shaithis had a regular column called A graphician's tip book. Because the articles have been written many years ago the information in it is sometimes outdated, but the concepts discussed still hold. We re-worked the articles for you, so if you are looking for a good explanation and some basic tips on the use of tools like DPaint or Photoshop (Version 3 :)), this article is what you should read...

    Lastly, we updated the Poll Question. Maybe you remember last months question about 255 255 255 being black or white? A surprising amount of visitors answered the question incorrect (about 1 in every 6). The new poll has no wrong or right answer, only perhaps politically correct - What do you want for Christmas?

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