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    Another new personal gallery has been added to the GFXZone. This time it is for Ward, a Hungarian graphician who is doing both 2D and 3D. A total of 30 images are present in this new personal gallery, and a lot of these images will be unknown to you because Ward provided them to the GFXZone from his own personal collection!

    The first part of the new gallery contains 20 2D images by Ward, including some of his really old pictures. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to notice the favourite theme for Ward - 16 out of the 20 images in the first part show girls! The remaining 10 images in the third part of his gallery are all 3D. This includes the current image of the week and a few other highly detailed images. Visit the new Ward gallery

    Oh, and Ward is currently looking for a graphics-related job somewhere in Western Europe. So if you or your company is interested in using his services, send him a mail quick.

    Also, the personal gallery for Partikle has been updated. 5 new images have been added to the second part of his personal gallery. These images include the artwork he did for the latest Hugi, a very new and previously unreleased image and his Assembly entries, including the pic that won this party! Those new images can be found here

    A couple of weeks the GFXZone added a personal gallery for Slayer. He advised us to look into the graphics of Neuromancer. At that point we only had a handful of Neuromancer graphics in our collection, but what little we had made us very interested.

    Soon after that Neuromancer was contacted and now we are able to give you a very complete personal gallery with the graphics from this Polish graphician. A total of 25 images are in this new personal gallery, almost all the images are 8bit and a lot of them are in Amiga-specific resolutions. Visit the new Neuromancer gallery and enjoy the great graphics!

    Also we uploaded a party archive for Euskal 2001. Good images by Leunam, Chavito, Acidbeat and others. Download the archive (12333KB)

    Unlock / Vantage+PAiN submitted a news-items regarding PAiN 08/01:

    Another PAiN issue is out. This time, with a title pic by Alien/Paradox... Articles on lotsa topics, many interview and lotsa reviews make you feel PAiN in your ass... Get it at the usual sites.

    [news item submitted by Unlock / Vantage+PAiN]

    Paolo Vacirca submitted a news-items regarding his AI program:

    I have created a female Artificial Intelligence robot. The name of my creation is Paula Tobor, and she is the one and only of its kind. Paula is an artificial intelligence. She thinks, learns and feels. Those are just some things that result in making the interaction with her as human like as ever.

    By kind permission of Lazur I was allowed to use one of his images and give Paula a face. I think that Lazurs sharp creation makes a perfect face for Paula Tobor (Tobor spells Robot backwards). Visit my homepage to meet Paula.

    [news item submitted by Paolo Vacirca]

    This year the world-famous Finnish Assembly party witnessed its tenth consecutive edition. Over the past years the Assembly has always seen many good and memorable graphics released in the compos, and I am glad to say that this year was no exception!

    You could ofcourse download the almost 400MB of archives (!) for the Assembly graphics compos yourself, but it is much more convenient to visit our new gallery. We have selected the 60 best images from the graphics compos at Assembly 2001 and put them in a brand new online party gallery for you. I am sure that you will discover quite a few images in this gallery that you will like!

    Enter the Assembly 2001 gallery.

    Today we have a new party gallery for you to visit, and it is for the Polish Abstract 2001 party, which was held last weekend.

    There are 'only' 15 images in this gallery, but they are of good quality! Good images by graphicians like BamboOS, Grass, Mantra, Mime and also two previously unreleased images by Lazur! This gallery is the best possible way to keep you occupied until we have prepared a gallery for the Assembly party for you, which will be our next update!

    View this example of great Polish graphics in the new Abstract 2001 gallery.

    Solace / Reach The Light submitted a news-items regarding his search for new group-members:

    Reach The Light (RTL) is a new demo group, we are looking for members to help build the team. We are mainly looking for programmers and artists for work on demos and we also search for a webmaster!

    We are a friendly team, who work based on respect, honour and friendship. If you are interested and would like to face a new challenge, then visit our homepage and contact us on info@reachthelight.com

    [news item submitted by Solace / Reach The Light]

    BoO is a Norwegian graphician that has been part of the scene for more than 10 years. In those years he has created many graphics for productions by Talent & Spaceballs. Today the GFXZone is able to show you a new personal gallery that gives a good overview of BoO's carreer in the scene.

    A total of 50 images are online for you to see in our BoO gallery. The first part of the gallery has a lot of logo's, it even has some of his very old images, when he was still known as Mace. His newer images can be found in the third part of the gallery.

    Currently BoO is working in England for a gaming company that has hired a lot of sceners! For more information about his job and about BoO himself, you could read the interview that MrEd held with BoO. Read the BoO interview.

    And while you are reading the interview, we have something else to keep your modem occupied. We have created a sizable set of party archives for two recent parties. First there is Paradox 2001 (5363KB), where an image by Green7 won the graphics compo. And we also have Scene event 2001 (4692KB), that had a graphics compo with a few nice traced entries.

    This time we have a big update for you. Two new online party galleries and some archived party galleries! The first party gallery is for the French Vip 3 party. Plenty of good stuff for you to enjoy. Ak, Critikill, Isobel, Moxica, Splif, Zone, aaaargh. Just too many! Visit the Vip 3 gallery.

    Another party, that was held at the same time as the Vip party, is the Hungarian party Flag 2001. And we have an online gallery for that party as well! Good pixels and traces at this party. Contributions by Critikill, Mantra, Mime, Narn, Ward, Warpig and others. Enter the Flag 2001 gallery.

    Also, archived party galleries are available for these parties and more. You can download archives for Vip 3 (8242KB), Flag 2001 (8398KB), Remedy 2001 (3540KB) & Underground Conference 5.25" (377KB). I think that will keep you busy for a while :-)

    Recently we have been adding a lot of new personal galleries on the GFXZone and this update keeps up with those traditions! This time we created a personal gallery with the graphics of the French graphician called Zone.

    A total of 35 images have been included in this new personal gallery. The first part of the gallery has a lot of old pics and logos dating back to the early days of Zone's scene years, and the second part contains more recent images. To see how Zone's graphics improved over time, you should enter his gallery here.

    Enjoy the graphics of Zone on the GFXZone :-)

    Prat / Bypass submitted a news-items regarding his search for new group-members:

    We, Bypass, are searching for new members. Mainly 2D and 3D artists are needed. Please write us! Visit the Bypass homepage and write to Prat if you are interested.

    [news item submitted by Prat / Bypass]

    Another personal gallery has been created on the GFXZone. Today we are able to present you a personal gallery with the scenegraphics from Slayer.

    The gallery gives a complete overview of the images created by Slayer so far. Some of his older images are included, but you will also be able to see his newer work, which includes graphics for various Appendix demos and his contribution for the Mekka & Symposium graphics compo this year.

    The Slayer style is very distinctive. Striking features in the graphics from this Polish 8bit Amiga pixeler for me are the original and highly imaginative scenes, and his obvious fascination with the combination of technology and (human) life.

    Don't expect to find any 24bit images in this gallery, just expect the most complete compilation of Slayer-graphics you will find anywhere on the web! 25 Images are included in this personal gallery, now start enjoying :)

    The personal gallery for Nytrik has been updated. His compo graphics for The Party and the Synthesis parties have been added to the gallery and Nytrik has also contributed some of his older graphics for this update. In total 12 images have been added to the personal gallery.

    The logos and his older pictures are in the first gallery and the newer images in the second. Among his older pictures you will also find images he created on his Amiga. Can you guess which ones? :-)

    Enter the updated personal gallery here

    This update to the GFXZone is done from the TakeOver partyplace in Eindhoven, Holland, using the killer internet connection that this party has to offer. The party is still happening at the moment, so no official results are known yet. But I am taking a guess at the image that will win the compo by making the entry by Critikill our new image of the week! Some other good entries in the compo include entries by Cp, Mirage and a coop image by Arancia & Peachy.

    Enjoy the graphics in this cool archive (8975KB)!
    June 27th: Updated the archive with party results and surprise compo graphics.

    Studying the graphics of others is a great way to improve your own technique. For this purpose the GFXZone has created the steps gallery. In these galleries you will find in-between stages for a lot of demoscene graphics.

    Today we bring you the fourth edition of this steps gallery, and as usual this brings you 20 more images to study. There are pixelled pictures and 24bit works, originals and copies, recent pics and golden oldies. A couple of the steps are from images that were released in the GFXZone coop compo.

    In these new gallery you will find works by Cp, Critikill, Jamon, Kthulu, Lazur, Tmk, Ward, X-man, Zone and several other surprising contributions! Some of the graphicians contributed their graphics by sending their steps to us directly (Thanks!). This is very helpful to us as steps are usually very hard to find on the web. So if you have some steps you want to share with the world, please send them to us! You will be helping a lot of other graphicians who want to learn from your work.

    Visit the fourth edition of the steps gallery here

    Manga is a drawing style used in Japanese comic series. Sometimes scene graphicians also create images in this drawing style. The GFXZone has a special theme gallery dedicated to these images.

    This theme gallery has ben expanded with 20 additional images which form the third part of the Manga gallery. If you have some scene graphics on your HD for a future fourth edition of this gallery, please send them to us soon!

    Furthermore, two parties have been added to the party archives. The first archive is for Underscore 2001 (5945KB). In the hires compo at this party a sketchy image by Spike won first place. Other nice images are by Tomic and a manga-type image by Louie :-)
    The Birdie 2001 (1355KB) pixel compo was won by Nde with an 8bit lowres busty redhead picture...

    In The Netherlands we have a saying that goes something like "You learn something new every day". This happened to me some time ago when a visitor of the GFXZone alerted me to a Polish graphician called ae. I had never seen any graphics by ae, and I expect this is the same for many of you.

    So I contacted this mysterious graphician and asked him if the GFXZone could create a personal gallery with his graphics. He generously agreed and today we can present you with an overview of the demoscene graphics created by ae.

    There are 35 images in this gallery. The first part has mainly 16-color graphics that were created on an Atari a long time ago. The second part contains some more recent 24bit works, including the full version of the "Sacrifice of a male virgin" (pic 11), which has been image of the week a couple of months ago!

    Enter the ae gallery here!

    Three archived party galleries have been added to the GFXZone for three recent parties.

    The first archive is for Fiasko 2001 (1558KB). The image that won the pixel compo at this party is also our current image of the week. Other highlights from this party are a trace by Degrysin and a cruel pixel by Neo.

    The two other added archives are for Escape 2001 (3019KB) and Millennium 2001 (2298KB). On the Finnish Escape party, Dipe and Random delivered good pixels and the trace compo was won by Uncle-X. The Russian Millennium party has some nice traces by Y2r

    Madd & Mustafa are two Polish pixel graphicians that are often mentioned together because they have created quite a few images as a coop team. Unfortunately they are no longer active - the last pics from Madd are from 1998 and Mustafa's latest image dates back to 1999. The GFXZone commemorates their achievements in two personal galleries. In these galleries you will see that they made a great team, but that they were also very capable graphicians when they were working solo!

    The Madd personal gallery did exist on the GFXZone before and has been updated with a few new bitmaps and some final versions of his graphics. For Mustafa a new personal gallery has been created. The pics in both galleries have been sorted chronologically on Madd's and Mustafa's personal request.

    Also, we updated the personal gallery for the Swedish graphician Flood from Noice. Compared to the last version of his gallery 15 fresh images have been added. Among the additions are some rather abstract images and ofcourse Flood & Random's entry for the GFXZone coop compo. All the added images are available in the newly created third part of the Flood personal gallery. Personal quote from Flood: "Euklides was right, there is a point in abstraction..."


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