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    A new personal gallery has been added to the GFXZone collection. This new gallery is for the images of Dr.Zulu

    This name might not sound too familiar to you, but Dr.Zulu has been active in the demoscene for a lot of years and I am sure that you have seen some of his images before. Lately Dr.Zulu is stepping up a bit by participating in a few party compos, the most recent party being The Party 2000, where his image Memories of blue finished at a disappointing ninth position

    The style of his work has changed dramatically over all those years and the gallery gives you a good impression of this change. The first part of his gallery shows all his older 8bit images, and the second part of the gallery is an overview of his more recent work. Characteristic for his newer images is the extreme sharpness and the eye for detail.

    Note that quite a few of the 35 images in this new gallery have never been released before! Start the tour in the first part of the Dr.Zulu gallery

    Wishbone / GFXZone submitted a news-item regarding Ethereal:

    Ethereal, a newcoming demogroup is looking for members. They recruit all kind of sceners (coders, musicians, graphicians, webdesigners, ...) and especially need a 3D gfxman for their first demo.

    Contact Firedge / Ethereal

    [news item submitted by Wishbone / GFXZone]

    We received a couple of requests by demogroups who are looking for graphicians. Please help them out if you can. Preparations for the next big demoparties have already started!

    We - Quasars / Israel - are looking for 3d modelers that are willing to help us with a major demo project for MS2k+1 that will be held in Germany, 4 months ahead from now. Please send mails to Bacter or Trashey. Thank you loads!

    Nextempire is looking for serious, dedicated and profficient 2D and 3D artists to help with a major upcoming demo project. Contact Kemiks or visit the website.

    Orgasmatron! / X-Trade submitted a news-item regarding The Best Of The Amiga Scene Audio CD:

    5 Years ago me and 2 friends of mine decided to make an Audio CD containing the BEST Amiga songs made ever. The CD sold quite well. Now we only have 2 pcs left of it. Even if there still is a slight demand for this CD I reconned the price for making new ones is far too high. So, last week I decided to make MP3's out of this CD and put it on the net. Not all the songs are available yet, but I'm uploading them as fast as I can. The songs are free, and you may of course download them and enjoy them. Visit mp3.com to download.

    IF the response is good, I will remaster the songs directly to MP3 to gain soundquality. IF the response is even better, well, a TBOTAS #2 may be under it's way :)

    Here is the original announcement at Aminet from 1995. Hope you will enjoy this one!

    [news item submitted by Orgasmatron! / X-Trade]

    Today we bring you a new edition of our steps gallery. These galleries help you when you want to study how other graphicians create their pictures, because you can look at in-between stages of the pictures they created!

    This third edition of the steps gallery brings you 20 more images to study. There are pixelled pictures and 24bit works, originals and copies, recent pics and golden oldies. A few of the steps are from images that were released in the graphics compo at The Party 2000, there just has to be something in there for everyone! But maybe you are a new visitor and you never visited the previous steps galleries? In that case you should check out those previous galleries as well, as there are a lot of hard-to-obtain images for you to study.

    Some of the highlights in this gallery include steps for images by Danny, Dr Zulu, Inferno, Kthulu & X-Man. Partikle supported the steps gallery by sending us 3 high-resolution versions of his images. The biggest one is 3200*2400!! Thanks to everyone who helped!

    Visit the third edition of the steps gallery here

    Do you like Manga? Do you like scene graphics? If your answer to both these questions was yes then I have something that might interest you! We have put the second edition of our Manga gallery online.

    Mr.Ed collected twenty images. There is a lot of variation in these images - some are lowres, others high - some are truecolor, others are palettebased. But they have one thing in common, their manga theme.

    Visit the new Manga gallery

    Wishbone / GFXZone submitted a news-item regarding OJuice banner request:

    Orange Juice needs a banner! We are hoping that the best graphicians will help them!

    The banners may be of one or both of the two following formats:
    - 420 pixels width (60 pixels height max, 15kB max)
    - 170 pixels width (30 pixels height max, 5kB max)

    No deadline, just do your best! Send your submissions to Yes / Ojuice

    [news item submitted by Wishbone / GFXZone]

    Wishbone / GFXZone submitted a news-item regarding demoscene education:

    We - Epidemic, a French demoscene organization of an engineering school - recently got a room in the school. We are representing the demoscene in the school, organizing demo projections, demo programming courses, and coding parties. So, we need a maximum of demogroup logos in order to print them and stick them on the wall. If you have posters, flyers or things like that representing the demoscene, we are interested too. We seek logos which enter on a sheet 21x29.7, portrait or landscape, with a very good definition for the impression. The ideal would be logos into vectorial format (Illustrator or Photoshop 6.0), if not we advise JPEG. Logos in grayscale would be better to be printed on A3 with a photocopier. It would also be useful to have an URL registered on the poster (colored poster would be cool =).

    [news item submitted by Wishbone / GFXZone]

    X-Man / Sunset Design submitted a news-item regarding GrafX2:

    After another long period of inactivity (studies+laziness), we have decided to release the source code of GrafX2 so that motivated people can continue and port it to other OSes. You can download it at Sunset Design's homepage then choose GrafX2 in the menu on the left.

    For some people this could sound like a bad news because this means we won't make new versions. But on another hand, I think it's a good news because I feel optimistic there will be good coders out there who will make the effort to understand our code and port it to... Linux? DirectDraw (high res available under NT&W2K)?...

    [news item submitted by X-Man / Sunset Design]

    Three more parties have been added to the party archives! The first one is Dreamhack 2000. This big Swedish party always attracts a lot of talented graphicians, and this year was no exception. Thanks to Paul from the Dreamhack crew for sending us lossless versions of some of the better images! The pixel (2408KB) archive has images by Lazur, Mind, Neurodruid and many others. In the archive for the trace compo (2122KB) you will find some very enjoyable images as well!

    Second party on todays list is the Spanish BCN Party 2000. Download the archive here (1087KB). NewAlpha's image deservedly won the 2D compo at BCN. His image made me remember a certain 'angelic' coop picture that was released many years ago... :-)

    Last party in todays update is RTSY 2000. This party was held in France a couple of months ago. First place in the pixel (2089KB) compo was for Zone, and Denethor achieved this rank in the trace (553KB) compo.

    On the first day of the new Millennium we bring you a new gallery that reflects on the past year. Every week we give special attention to one image by making it our image of the week. Our newest gallery gives you an overview of all the images that have been awarded image of the week in 2000. Here you can see some of the best pictures of the year 2000. Pixel and trace, 8bit and truecolor, established graphician and new talent, there are only good images in this gallery! Do you know them all? Visit the new gallery here

    Btw, some people say that it took our civilization thousands of years to reach what we have now. That might be true, but that is only for pessimistic people. Myself, I am an optimist, and to me a unique day like this is like the beginning of something new. Just look at todays date: 01/01/01 !! I mean, if those numbers aren't a sign of a new beginning, I don't know what is.

    Today truly is the beginning of the future and I am proud to be a part of it. Happy New Year!!

    The time between Christmas and New Year is always a good time for sceners, because that is when The Party is held. Being the GFXZone we are ofcourse interested in the images that were released in the graphics compos of The Party, so we have created a gallery for you that has all the entries from the pixel compo!

    This really is a must-see gallery, as the quality of the entries is very acceptible, despite the regular supply of images based on scans. Visit the pixel gallery for The Party 2000 here. We also have an archive with the entries from the 3D compo at The Party 2000 available (3483KB).

    Unlock / Vantage+PAiN and Wishbone / GFXZone submitted news-items regarding PAiN 12/00:

    PAiN 12/00 has got released. After our huge delay, we're back in action bringing you your favourite diskmag. PAiN is back in your eyes. Take this as a small christmas present. Download PAiN 12/00

    Read in PAiN - 12/2000 issue:
    "For every issue we need the startup picture, and we also think of a change in the background graphic of the magazine. If you're a good 2d artist, why not join up the team and get elite!" If you think you are born to be elite :-), mail to Pain diskmag

    [news item submitted by Unlock / Vantage+PAiN and Wishbone / GFXZone

    It is Christmas time, it is snowing over here and the GFXZone crew is in a Christmas mood, so we have created a cute little gallery with 20 scene pics to celebrate this occasion.

    Also, if you haven't seen the results of the coop compo yet, visit the special gallery which we uploaded a couple of days ago. On the forum a discussion started about the GFXZone being the host of a monthly competition. Why don't you let us know how you would like this?

    Merry Christmas from the entire GFXZone team!

    Adok / Hugi submitted a news-item regarding Hugi 21:

    Hugi 21 - The Devil Family has been released. It features about 900 kb of articles about the demoscene, programming, art, music, science and literature. The graphics have been done by Kthulu / Nextempire, Mali / Vivid and TAD; music comes from Yero, Acumen and Exodus / Scienide. Get it from www.hugi.de and enjoy reading!

    [news item submitted by Adok / Hugi]

    Finally we are able to solve the mystery of the GFXZone coop compo! A lot of you have speculated on which graphicians are responsible for which pictures, but now you can finally know for sure, because we have the full results available.

    The images that were submitted last week have been studied by our team of judges and the results are simply stunning. The pictures that were voted top 3 by our judges are only 4 points apart in total score! And the winners of this edition of the GFXZone coop compo are Green7 and Visualice. Congratulations!

    We have created a very special gallery for this occasion. Besides viewing the pictures and discovering who was in what team, you will be able to read what the judges thought of each of the images. (The judges did not know who created a picture, there are some really interesting comments here.)

    Also, there are a lot of user comments and some pictures even have special extra's added to them, like stages of the entry or a PSD distributed entry. Explore the gallery, read the comments, discover the hidden extra's and enjoy :-) The further you scroll down in the gallery, the better the pictures get. The number one picture is on the bottom of the page, so the gallery is sort of like a countdown to perfection! Visit the gallery here or view the quick results.

    We would like to thank all the people who have helped to make this compo possible. Without your help this compo would not have been as good as it turned out to be and we hope to see you again for the next compo! If you have some remarks, questions or anything else about the compo, you are welcome to use the forum or send us a mail.

    Graffik submitted a news-item regarding Fairlight:

    Fairlight are looking for talented 2D and 3D artists (aswell as coders) to help with upcoming demos. Interested parties should contact me at this address.

    [news item submitted by Graffik]

    To ease the waiting for the final results of the GFXZone coop compo, we created another regular update for you. If you still want to visit our gallery with unsigned versions of the coop compo images, than this will be one of your last chances! Todays update has new archived galleries for four parties!

    In alphabetical order, the first archive is for the Dutch Party Ambience 2000 (1272KB), and has some nice bitmaps by Critikill, Gizmo & Magicboy. The archive for Lobotomia 2000 (1473KB) is filled with graphical splendor by people like Los, Partikle, Visualice and others.

    We also have archives for French Millenium 2000 (842KB), which should not be confused with the Russian Millennium and an archive for Proxy 1886 (348KB), which was funnily enough held earlier this year...

    The deadline for the GFXZone coop compo has passed and this means that we can now show you the entries that arrived! We received a total of 12 images, which means about 50% of the teams have delivered. Although this means the quantity of the pictures is a bit lower than we hoped, the quality completely makes up for this! I guess Santa arrived early this year...

    Please note that the gallery we created for you contains unsigned versions of each of the entries. This is because currently our expert team of judges is working on the final results for this compo and they will use these very same pics for their work. In a couple of days, when the judges are done, we will replace the unsigned pictures with fully signed images in a very special gallery. So for now you will just have to guess who contributed to which pictures, just like the judges.

    If you want to read how the judges will rate these pictures, you could visit our judges guide. I think you will agree that these judges have a very hard task!

    OK, enough talk. Visit the unsigned coop gallery!
    And if you are still in the mood for more compo, why don't you participate in the CFXWeb graphics compo. Their deadline is the 31st of December!

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