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The GFXZone is currently organizing a graphics compo in which graphicians will cooperate in pairs to create graphics. The idea and final implementation for this compo is a direct result of ideas and suggestions that we received from visitors to the GFXZone. This is a compo by and for the scene.

This text is about what happens in the GFXZone coop compo when the jury will take over...


The jury for the coop competition is composed of known scene people. They are 3D Addict (Denmark), Cyclone (Germany) and Saffron (Finland). Because all images will be rated independently by 3 experienced scene graphicians, the results should be quite fair.

  Judging criteria

Each image is to be rated by 6 rating criteria, where each criteria is given a rating point ranging from 1 point (lowest) to 5 points (best). These are the rating criteria (in no specific order) for each image to be judged by:

A) Originality.
This criteria rates the images quality at being new and original. Copies are automatically given 1 point.
B) Technique.
The way in which the fundamentals are handled. Techniques include fields like pixelling, 24bit and raytracing.
C) Composition.
The art of combining different parts of an image to produce a harmonious whole.
D) Use of colors, lighting/shadow.
E) Motif and it's emotional content.
The main thematic element(s), the central theme of the image and it's emotional quality. How does it relate to the given subject?
F) The cooperation factor.
How well do the two styles of each graphician blend/work together. This is extra difficult if the styles of the graphicians in a team are very different.

The point rating scale is based on these 5 levels:
- Excellent (gives 5 points)
- Very good (gives 4 points)
- Good (gives 3 points)
- Poor (gives 2 points)
- Bad (gives 1 points)

  Judging results

The total sum of all the scores of the 3 judges in each of the 6 categories decides the final ranking of a picture. The results will show this total and how the amount of points is divided over each of the categories.

The judges do not know who the authors of the images are. To ensure independent rating no communication between judges during the judging process is allowed. Each judge will send his results to NdK who will calculate the final results.

The results will be made available on the GFXZone as soon as the judges are done with their job. Upto that moment all pictures will be available on the GFXZone without signatures.

  Your comments
If you have any remarks about these judging rules, you can send us a mail or post a message on the forum.

Your friendly GFXZone crew, December 2000

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