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    The final deadline for the GFXZone coop compo is very close now! If you have not yet send us your team's contribution then you have to hurry, because the deadline is midnight next tuesday!

    You can send us your contribution by mail or try to meet us on #pixel.

    After receiving a contribution for the compo we will send a confirmation mail to both members of a team. If you haven't received such a mail, it means we haven't received your contribution!

    As a follow-up to the Hidden message gallery we created for you last week, we now bring a gallery that has the same pictures, but the hidden messages are highlighted. Did you find all the messages? Discover what your favorite graphician has hidden for you to find. The truth is in here

    And this week we also have another great gallery for you to enjoy! This gallery contains the pictures from the graphics compos at Satellite 2000. Brilliant masterpieces by Dzordan, Kazik, Mime and other talented graphicians! Start the tour.

    Professional graphicians wanted!

    We are looking for a skilled graphic artist who enjoys creating FLASH video games. Those games are for all ages so we need some funny graphics, and a main character like "Rayman", "Crash Bandicoot"... We are based in Toulouse (France), no matter where you are anyway. Send us some samples of your work (or an URL). This job will be paid. (message originally posted on OJuice)

    Contact Bokan for more information.

    Today we bring you the second edition of our Hidden message gallery. Mr Ed has been searching the deep and dark vaults of the GFXZone archives and he has located 20 more images for you.

    The pics in this gallery may seem normal images, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Every single picture contains extra information that is not visible to the naked eye. Next week we will upload a gallery which shows the same pics with the hidden messages highlighted. You can discover the messages right now by visiting our new hidden message gallery, part 2

    On a sidenote I should also mention that the participants of the GFXZone coop compo have just one week left before the deadline of the competition. Also, if you are a fan of Dzordan, you should check out this weeks picture of the week. Brilliant stuff!

    The deadline for the GFXZone coop compo is two weeks away, so we have created another update to entertain you while work on the competition entries is commencing, and the update turned out the be pretty special indeed!

    The main attraction this time is an update to the personal gallery of Mermaid. Now the Mermaid gallery has a total of 169 pictures, which easily makes this the personal gallery with the largest amount of pictures on the GFXZone. At the same time the total size of all 169 pics combined is well under 1 single megabyte!! This is because the Mermaid gallery containts loads of C64 16-color pictures and also a couple of pixelled 8bit graphics. The Mermaid gallery has been revamped from scratch. Visit the updated personal gallery of the queen of C64 pixels here

    Also, we uploaded three archives containing all the graphics from the competitions at last months Conference 7007 party in Hungary. My personal favourite in these archives is the winning trace picture by Narn. Download the archives here: 24bit (1026KB), pixel (330KB) & trace (743KB).

    The GFXZone people database is being maintained by Wishbone of the GFXZone crew. Earlier this week the people database reached another big milestone by adding its 250th entry!

    Congratulations to Wishbone and thanks to all the people who registered in the database.

    Three parties have been added to the growing collection of parties with archived galleries. The best archives in today's update are for this year's edition of Dialogos The 2D archive (3247KB) for Dialogos has some brilliant pics by CP and Peachy, a very nice coop picture by Janne & Visualice and some other extremely pleasant graphical surprises! This really is an obligatory download! We have also put a 3D archive (713KB) online for this party.

    Two other archives are for the Spanish party Arroutada 8. The pixel archive (401KB) has a good picture by Newalpha and there are some nice traced pix in the 3D archive (638KB).

    The last two added archives are for TRSAC '00.5. If you are into 8bit pics, than the pixel archive (459KB) for this party is definately for you. Highlights are by Farfar and Unreal. The traces in the 3D archive (580KB) are also of good quality.

    SkIlLiOn approached the GFXZone with a question regarding Virtual Dreams logos. He is also searching for a good graphician that can help him by drawing a logo. Note that he is willing to pay real money for your help!

    I'm searching for some Virtual Dreams logos but it seems to be impossible to find a site with these logos. So, if you've knowledge of sites where I could find V.D. logos.... it will be very cool that you let me know !

    I also searching for a good graphicican who could draw a logo for me.... of course, I will pay for it ! If you know a very good graphician who could do that for me please feel free to contact me....

    Contact Stéphane Revillard aka Skillion for more information

    GFXZone coop picture compo
    Today officially marks the start of the GFXZone coop compo.
    The topic for the compo is "In the autumn of my madness".

    A total of 25(!) teams have been created and all participants have received a personal mail informing them about their randomly assigned coop partner. Which graphicians are randomly matched together in a team will be announced on the GFXZone when the compo has ended. The deadline for the compo is one month from now, the 12th of December 2000 at 23:59 CET. At that moment the final results will be published on the GFXZone in a very special gallery!

    We hope that all participants have fun when creating their entry for the competition.

    GFXZone coop picture compo
    If you still plan to take part in the GFXZone coop compo then now is your last chance to act on these plans. Next Saturday the 11th at 23:59h CET the registration period ends and this will also mark the start of the competition.

    The GFXZone coop compo is a unique scene-compo where teams of graphicians create a picture based on a topic that is set by the GFXZone. The most challenging part about this compo is that nobody knows who will be their coop partner until the competition actually starts! We think that this fun idea for a compo will bring people in contact with other graphicians, whom they would normally never meet or cooperate with! Read the rules for a complete description of the compo.

    The people that entered the compo are from all over the world, so this is a truly global event. USA, South America, Russia and ofcourse all of Europe are represented. Check the list on the right of this page for a list of people that already decided to participate in the compo. If you want to enter the compo yourself, send us a confirmation mail asap! Registrations received after the registration periode has ended will be in vain!

    Today we bring you a very special new theme gallery - a steps gallery. This is a gallery where you can study how other graphicians create their pictures by looking at in-between stages of the pictures they created!

    A steps gallery looks the same as an ordinary GFXZone gallery, but there is a little difference. Once you click on a thumbnail in a gallery you will not get to see a full-sized picture, like in the usual galleries, but you will download a zip archive which contains the in-between stages and the final version of the picture you want to study in more detail. The amount of steps in a zip archive can be seen in the list below the thumbnail block.

    We blast off this new type of gallery right away with two complete galleries. This means you have a total of 40 mini-courses for creating graphics at your disposal! These two galleries contain all types of graphics. There are pixelled pictures and 24bit works, originals and copies, recent pics and golden oldies. Check out our new steps galleries here!!

    In the galleries you will find plenty of steps by graphicians who also participate in the coop compo which the GFXZone currently is organizing. So this gallery can be used to study the working-methods of your partner if one of these graphicians turns out to be your team partner in the compo!

    BTW, the registration periode for the coop compo ends next saturday (the 11th). So if you still plan to enter the compo, you'll have to hurry and send us an email soon!

    GFXZone coop picture compo
    It has been one week since we posted the news of our intentions to organize a team-based graphics competition. The response since then has been very impressive and with the help of our visitors we managed to upgraded our proposed rules into a set of final rules for the compo.

    Listed here are the most important changes, compared to the proposal from last week:
    We have set up a timeschedule, including deadlines for this compo. The registration period will end at 23:59h CET on Saturday the 11th of November 2000 (11/11) and the compo will start a few minutes later when we will mail all the participants with the information they need. Deadline for the entries to arrive at the GFXZone is 23:59h CET on the 12th of December 2000 (12/12).
    The competition will be topic based. The GFXZone will set a topic and this topic will published on the GFXZone and mailed to the participants as soon as the competition starts

    The complete set of rules can be read here and discussed on the forum. If these rules and the list of confirmed entrants on the right of this page convinced you that you want to participate, please send us a mail right away...
    Remember that this competition is not about creating the most pixel-perfect picture known to mankind, but just about having plain old-fashioned fun!

    Despite all the excitement surrounding the GFXZone coop compo, we also managed to create some regular updates for you. Three new archived galleries are available for you to download and enjoy.

    Firstly there is a new archive for the Hungarian party AntIQ 2000. There is plenty of cool content in the archive (2230KB), for example pics by Grass and Magicboy.

    With the help of M4-io we also created an archive for the Dutch Party Bizarre 2000. This archive contains the previous picture of the week by Kirk, the current picture of the week by Mirage and some stylish 24bit pictures by various RBI members. Download it here (3121KB).

    The last added archive is for Coma 2000, which is an Canadian party held last september. Downloading (1131KB) this archive will give you a very nice 8bit by Snake Grunger and a stylish manga picture called 'Riyujin'.

    Aancsiid submitted a news-item regarding SIGGRAPH:

    The Demo Scene has thrilled us all -- but many people out there haven't experienced DEMOS. This is a call to action for scene members to contribute to SIGGRAPH. Siggraph is an annual computer graphics conference with thousands of attendees. It's a week focused on the cutting edge of cool computer graphics.

    [news item submitted by Aancsiid]

    GFXZone coop picture compo
    A lot of people have brought to our attention that they did not agree with some of the rules for the GFXZone coop compo. These people made their point by stating that it was not in the spirit of the scene to ask participants for proof of their graphical abilities because that would limit the amount of people that can participate. Although this was not our intention with this rule, we do agree that these people have a point.

    That is why we are proposing a change of the rules, and we really want to hear what you think about it. In short this change means that participants can choose how they enter the compo, either as a team or as an individual! Visit the forum to state your opinion and read more about the change we are proposing

    GFXZone coop picture compo
    There is more news regarding the GFXZone coop compo. First of all I'd like to welcome the graphicians that joined the fun. Take a quick peek on the right of your screen and look who joined in. Note: If you are using a low screen-resolution, you'll have to scroll down the page, because the list is simply too large already!! (after only 2 days) So if this convinced you to join the competition, please send us a mail asap!

    On the forum the concern has been voiced by the visitors that the GFXZone would only allow the so-called "elite" graphicians to participate in the compo. The confusion on this point was started by ourselves because we state in the compo rules that we only want "quality" graphicians to participate. This is a poor choice of words. What we actually intend to say is that we expect a basic level from the participating graphicians. I have posted a more in-depth reply to these points on the forum so visit it to learn more or to participate in the discussion.

    GFXZone coop picture compo
    Wow, it has been just 24 hours since we posted the news about the coop competition and the response so far has been overwhelming and very promising! So, as a result, we will keep you and the rest of the visitors as much up-to-date as we possibly can!

    For starters, we added a small table on the right side of this news page. This table will show you which graphicians have already confirmed that they will participate. So here you can see what you are missing out on if your name is not in that list! If you want to enter the compo, just send us a mail

    Secondly, the time limit. As you can read on the forum people are wondering what time limit this competition will have. Our view is that the coop teams should get about one month to work everything out. If you want to read more about this, jump to the forum.

    Another discussion on the forum is about the GFXZone setting a topic for the competition. At first we were not planning to do this, but we heard some pretty convincing arguments. We would like to get more feedback about this issue, so use the force, you!

    BTW, I hope that all the people on the forum who are still doubting whether they should participate will send us a mail soon which tells us that we can count on their support! :-)

    GFXZone coop picture compo
    Yes, it is true! The GFXZone will organize a graphics competition!

    A while ago on the GFXZone forum the idea of a so-called coop picture has been discussed by the visitors of our forum. A coop picture is a picture on which multiple graphicians cooperate to create a picture. The crew of the GFXZone likes the prospect of such cooperations between graphicians and for this reason we started discussing the possibility of organizing such a compo ourselves. These discussions have led to an interesting concept of a graphics competition where teams of 2 graphicians each create a picture.

    We have found 3 very capable scene-graphicians who are willing to be the judges for this competition. These judges are 3D Addict, Cyclone and Saffron!!

    Now we are interested in what YOU think of this idea! Do you have suggestions which may improve this concept? Do you want participate? Read the rules for the compo and visit the forum to make yourself heard! We started a thread on the GFXZone forum, use this thread to voice your opinion about the compo.

    If you or your company wants to sponsor this competition, drop us a line asap!

    The personal gallery of 3D Addict, who happens to be one of the judges for our GFXZone coop compo, has been given a big update.

    The new 3D Addict gallery has a stunning total of 100 pictures, which means that 24 bitmaps were added for this update! The content of the first three parts of the 3D Addict gallery has not been changed in this update, so regular visitors can go straight to the last two parts of the gallery.

    Additions to the fourth part of the 3D Addict gallery include pictures and logos that were not yet available in the previous version of the gallery. You'll most certainly want to visit the fifth and last part of his gallery because it contains all his latest pictures - a lot of brilliant surreal fantasy and space-inspired artwork which will definately amaze you. Enjoy!

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