GFX Zone database

PEOPLE DATABASE    [ last updated May 11'th 2004 ]
Visit the people database which lists many scene graphicians email, homepage addresses and other info. You can also add or update your entry in the database.

BITMAP LISTING    [ last updated May 24'th 2004 ]
A complete alphabetical listing of all bitmaps found in the personal, party, theme and zip archives in one file. The listing is sorted by handle, and therefore very useful if you are looking for a specific pic or author. The html version is 2.822.014bytes , but you can grab a zipped version of it, which is 236.613bytes , or check the 1.151.611bytes ACSII version or get the zipped ASCII file which is 199.899bytes :)

GFXZONE FILE STATISTICS    [ last updated May 23'rd 2004 ]
An overview of the content of GFX Zone. Here you will find statistics over the amount of file formats used, as well as the total size of the site, total amount of files, total bitmaps, etc.

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