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    Udderdude send a message about a GFX Program he created:

    Just thought someone would be interested in taking a look at a paint program I made... It's called Liquidpaint. It uses pallete animation in realtime for nifty effects :) lots of features too. There are DOS and Windows versions available. Visit the Liquidpaint website

    [news item submitted by Udderdude]

    BoZ/Bomb dropped us a note:

    Hi! My Web site is Online with lots of stuff ;) 2D-3D, Sketch, Photos... www.b0z.net (BzeroZ.net)

    [news item submitted by BoZ/Bomb]

    Two of our personal galleries got a makeover for this update: Antony & Nero

    The new Antony gallery has 40 pictures, which is 18 extra compared to the old one. We have added some of his older works and also some bitmaps which have that typical Antony style.

    Previously the Nero gallery had only 7 pictures, and now it has 10. "Not much of an update", I hear you say. This might seem true, but his gallery was simply incomplete without these pics :-)

    We also added some more archives for you. Kindergarden (322KB) was held earlier this month. Good entries by Arcania and Mermaid. Also two archives for a Russian demoparty called CAFe, download entries for their trace (566KB) and pixel (983KB) compos. And for 1999 we added an archive for a party called Proxy (315KB).

    Saffron is one of those graphicians who gives new meaning to the word atmosphere! That is why we were delighted to update his personal gallery on the GFXZone. Compared to his old gallery there are 18 new pictures, totalling the gallery at 47 outstanding bitmaps which range from his oldest stuff upto his most recent work! Visit Saffron's updated personal gallery now!

    Also we added three more archived galleries. The first one is for Performance 2K. This archive (520KB) was created with the help of Random, who send us the winning picture, which is unavailable on the regular ftpsites. Thanks! The other two archives are for RTS Y '99, the pics are nothing really special but we made galleries anyway! We have a pixel (642KB) and a trace (376KB) archive.

    And lastly we made a minor update on our Assembly 2K pixel gallery. Because of an unfortunate error at this party there was a picture that was credited to the wrong graphician (pic 12). Kudos to goro/delirium for bringing this to our attention!

    Hi there,

    I'm a producer with ModernGroove, an interactive entertainment company based out of Vancouver, Canada. We are currently looking for original 2-dimensional art to serve as visual content for our PlayStation 2 music product. We'd seek to acquire this content on a NON-EXCLUSIVE basis for worldwide use in perpetuity. In return, we'd offer a credit in the product and a copy of the finished PS2 product. If you're interested, please send us some samples of your art. They needn't be high-res, approximately 640x480 will suffice.

    Contact Mark Bayrock and visit their website for more information.

    Teknikhuset, Umea, Sweden is looking for media graphic designers.

    Contact Mattias Wiking and visit their website for more information.

    We have created a new personal gallery on the GFXZone. This gallery shows you all about the work of one of Mankinds graphicians, Zaac. The gallery has a total of 60 very good pictures, spread over three galleries. There are a lot of 8bit pics and logos, some of these were created for the demo-scene and some were created for games he worked on. There are even two traced pics by Zaac. Some of the pictures in this gallery have never been officially released! The brand new Zaac gallery can be visited here

    A couple of weeks ago we updated the personal galleries of X-man and Nytrik. This update was not complete because I just updated them again!
    The Nytrik personal gallery got 4 pictures (pic 2, 4, 13 & 16) added and now has a total of 20 pics. This mean the first page in his gallery is completely filled. I wouldn't mind if Nytrik gives us a reason to start another page soon!
    The X-man gallery now has two pics added that he created for the LTP4 party (pic 11 & 17). Besides these new pics we also replaced two pics that were previously only available as JPG by full 24bit PNG versions (pic 3 & 14).

    And last on todays list are changes to our gallery for this years edition of Mekka & Symposium 2000. We were alerted by a visitor that some of the pics were credited to the wrong people, so we corrected this now. If you have never seen the brilliant pictures from this party, now is a perfect time to do so! Thanks to [cp/teklords^witchcraft] for pointing this out!

    The Lucky & Tigrou party (LTP) is a party that really keeps the scene-spirit alive. From what I've heard all over the net this years edition of LTP was something special, and judging from the quality of the graphics in the LTP compos, it was something special indeed!

    I can give you a couple of the highlights of the pictures that got to participate in the pixel compo, but you will have to visit the gallery yourselves to experience it all. This gallery boosts the latest works from Inferno, Nytrik, Splif, X-man and a lot of other talented sceners...

    For the oldschool compo the LTP organizers put a 16-color limit on the entries. It is good to see that many graphicians are able to create very good graphics with a limited palette. Entries by Gelmir, Inferno, Splif and X-Man. Oldschool is timeless!

    The first place in the trace compo was for Boz. The scene he created for his picture is very Boz-like - even without signatures you should be able to guess which pic is his :-) But rest assured that the rest of the entries is worth a look as well. There is some good stuff here!

    Awaiting your visit are around 60 pictures. Don't be shy... go ahead, enter the gallery... Start your visit here.

    Today we bring you another 8 bit gallery - gallery 13! There are images by people like Das, Dzordan, Fame and Razorback. Stay tuned for more theme galleries.

    Finally another update to the site! This update is just a small one while we are preparing for the update of next weekend, when we will present you a full LTP4 gallery. To wet your appetite we put up the X-man entry from LTP4 as image-of-the-week. His entry finished 8th on this party (!!).

    We have uploaded two archives for Fiasko 2000. The pixel archive (732KB) is worth downloading because of the winner entry by Temny, and we also have the pictures from the trace compo (787KB)

    As promised earlier this week we now bring you an update to the Nytrik gallery and archives for Evoke 2000.

    Lets start with the gallery for Evoke 2000. The only reason that we have created archived galleries for this party is that there are not enough pictures to fill a full-size gallery! It is not the quality of the entries, because the quality is insanely high! There are kick-ass entries by Critikill and Peachy and a coop picture by legends Cyclone & Acryl (!!!), which is btw also our image-of-the-week. Download the Evoke 2000 pixel (1679KB) archive or you'll be missing out on al this eye-candy. We also have an archive for their trace(681KB) compo.

    The new and improved Nytrik gallery shows that Nytrik is really pushing his own distinct personal style to perfection. We added 6 pictures to his gallery for this update. Among the new additions to his gallery is the previous GFXZone image-of-the-week (picture 11 in the gallery), which killed the competition in the graphics compo at the recently held Buenzli party. Visit the updated Nytrik gallery here.

    For the ultimate collectors among us we have added quite a few archives to the archived galleries. 6 galleries for 4 different parties.

    The pixel compo (170KB) at the Avalcon 2000 party has a decent entry by Fademan. We also have a gallery for their trace compo (596KB).

    The compo entries for Durango 2000 were mixed in one archive (374KB) and you will find some good traces. Same goes for the mixed archive (605KB) for Millennium 2000.

    In the trace archive (552KB) for the Xuventude galacia 2000 net party are some good traces, and there is something (not so) special with the entries in the pixel compo (502KB) - All the pics are of girl faces :-)

    We have made additions and updates to the GFXZone, this time the personal galleries of BenJ, Flood and X-man got a GFXZone makeover (tm). Enjoy the new additions!

    From these three, there is one completely new gallery, the one for BenJ. This gfxer has been around for a long time and the gallery we created gives you a perfect overview of his work. There are 44 pictures ranging from his oldest stuff up until his newest work. Start your tour through the BenJ gallery here.

    The Flood gallery had a total of 23 pictures added. Among the additions are the bitmaps he created for Enlight the surreal, the Noice demo that competed on Assembly 2K. Since 20 of the 23 new Flood pictures are in the newly created second part of his gallery, it would be easiest to begin your journey right there.

    The X-Man gallery has been regenerated from scratch. This fixed some filenaming problems and gave us a change to add two (somewhat older) bitmaps in the process.

    Three more parties now have archived galleries on the GFXZone.

    First one is VEP 2000, which has a good picture by Ilke in the 24bit archive (637KB). You can also download the pixel (429KB) and trace (759KB) archives from that very same party. Thanks to psy for sending this stuff!

    The other archives are for Escape 2000, both for the Finnish and the Swiss version of this party. The archive (571KB) for the Swiss version of Escape has a good picture by Fred and there is a good trace by Krazyk and a coop-picture by Saffron & Soda in the Finnish archive (582KB).

    So you have just dowloaded and watched all the demos from Assembly 2K? That looked pretty good he? I can imagine you now want to download the graphics from Assembly, but you are hesistating because the total download of all the zip-files from the graphic compos on the regular ftp channels is well over 100MB(!). In that case I have good news, because the GFXZone has already created a gallery with all those graphics for you! Now is that good news or what? :-)

    Assembly was held last weekend and as usual the quality of the graphics was high. If famous names is what you are after, you will be pleased to hear that the gallery has high-quality entries by Saffron, Marvel & Neurodruid. But I can assure you that the rest of the pictures is equally worthy of your undivided attention!

    We have put online galleries for the oldschool, raytrace and pixel compos. Visit them here

    As promised we bring you the Hidden message gallery part 1 - mesages revealed. Check out what your favorite graphicians are hiding from your eyes :)

    A couple of archived galleries have been added to our evergrowing collection of archives.

    The first zipped archives are for Flag 2000. The 24bit archive (860KB) has a graphic by Blackhand which I rather like and you can download the pixel archive (175KB) here. Among the traces (821KB) is a good entry by Narn and the cool winner picture by Dob is undoubtably inspired by an Indiana Jones movie :-)

    Other stuff is from some older parties. From Elevator 2000 we have both a pixel (511KB) and a trace archive (316KB) and from Ukonx 2000 we can offer you a pixel archive (813KB) and an archive with some nice traces (470KB)

    Two weeks ago the GFXZone offered you an interview with the french graphician tenShu. At that time we also promised a gallery with his images, now that gallery is online and ready for you to visit. In this gallery you will find a total of 39 of his graphics, ranging from his first scene-related art up to his latest works like Omen 666! (2nd gallery, picture 9).

    Another personal gallery that has been in the pipeline for a long time is our Tmk gallery. This gallery features some of his oldest works, but also some more recent 24bit quality graphics including a coop picture which he did with 3D Addict. After visiting his gallery I think you will agree with me that Tmk probably has a slight fascination for the Orient... :-) Visit his gallery right here

    This time Mr Ed brings to you a new theme gallery entiteled: Hidden message gallery. See if you can find the hidden messages in these pics. Next week we will put online the same pics with the hidden messages highlighted. In the mean time, happy spotting :)

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