Interview with tenShu

by Wishbone (June 2000)

    Hello tenShu, let's begin with a presentation of yourself please.

    Hi! So I'm tenShu, my real name is Christophe Romagnoli, I am 24 years old. I am French but I now live and work in London...

    What's your current situation ?

    I am currently working at Bits Studios in London. I am working as a 2d and 3d graphic artist for web and game design. I think it is a good company because there is an informal work culture and I can express myself more freely. I am currently building a team... so if somebody is interested you can contact me at

    In what groups are you in ?

    In the demo scene I am a member of Cocoon. However, I have negetled the demo scene recently. This not because I am no longer interested in it, but just because I don't enough time for it any more. I also don't have a PC in England at the moment. However, I have begun a lot of demo work during my holiday in France and I am sure to work on a big Cocoon production later in the year. To be honest, i'm being very desapointed by demoscene. I don't think you can ever see me again in a demo party. I don't care about competition (there are fake most of the times) and money cash prize (I anyway do more in one day of work). I'm not a very sociable person and i cannot play the fake just to be please with some persons so if i still working on demo project is to work with friends, that's all... Not for any fucking scene.

    And what about Syndrome ?

    Approximately one year ago, Guille, Nytrik and Maf left Syndrome to set up their own demo-group. Codac stop programming demos and around that time i was becoming disappointed by the scene so I decided too leave too. However, Nytrik managed to convince me to do one last demo, so we began working on the Shad and Syndrome was revived. After Shad2, I entered into Cocoon and Traven continued to work under Syndrome.

    When and how did you first get in contact with the scene ?

    It was a long time ago, one afternoon I was with Bosco and we called Siegfrid after seing his second manga slideshow on Amiga (Having seen is phone number at the end of the scrolling text). At this time it was like talking to a God. I hadn't a lot to tell him, just "Wow, how did you do that?!". After that Bosco and I began demomaking. We started by doing slideshows and demos using amiga-dos commands or the software Demomaker. Then I learn Amos with Obyone and produced the slideshow "Protagonist Saisho". After this, I met Codac and the rest was history.

    When did you first notice that you had a talent for drawing art ?

    I don't think I had a special talent for drawing, but I had some strange ideas and I loved to express them. From very young I was fascinated by the way that light interacted with surfaces. Therefore, I learned how to express my ideas by drawing before using computers.

    In a 3W:ROM's interview (and by the topic of your pics) you seemed to be a dark guy.
    Are you really this kind of guy ?

    I think this is a strange question which I am often asked. I don't really believe I am a dark guy, because I have friends, I don't want to rape little girls, kill my parents or hang a priest. However, that can the begining of a good party.
    In the ROM interview I chose to focus on the worst of what people where saying about me. I was not thinking about myself, it was a kind of game for me. It is true my artwork is dark, this is just because this is my interpretation of the world. When I think about my artwork I want to express something, and is generally my fears, fantasies or my obsessions. I think we live in a beautiful world which is infected by a disease called human beings. That can look dark, but I don't think so. I think darkness comes from hate, and I probably hate less people that some others. I prefer make fun of these people, because I don't care.

    Which software do you use for drawing ?

    I used to only use Photoshop, but now I am more into 3d stuff. I am currently using Photoshop for texturing, Lightwave for modelling and 3dsMax for mapping, animating and rendering. Sometimes I also use D-Paint, but I am using it a lot less now.

    How long does it take to draw a good picture for you ?
    What are the most important aspects of making a great image ?

    Usually before start a picture I have some ideas in my head. Then I become obsessed with these ideas and I begin planning the technical solution to achieve the effect I am looking for. Before I begin a picture, I start by drawing some sketches just to design the proportions and composition. After that the picture in itself takes about 1 or 2 weeks. For me the message is the most important part of a picture, but that depends on the artist.

    What is more easy to you : 2D or 3D ?

    I prefer working in 3d. It is longer and hard to do but I think it is more interesting.

    Where do you get the inspiration from ?

    I don't base my artwork on any specific pictures, but have several mentors who have influenced me in different ways : BROM, MARYLIN MANSON, DAVID LYNCH, KATSUYA TERADA, etc.. However, most of my inspiration comes essentially from my mood, and what I live every day. These artists give me some ideas for trying styles. I particulary like working with Nytrik. He is by far my favorite artist in the demoscene. We are on the same wave-length, and when work together we know exactly what we want to do after a short chat.

    By the way, you made both pictures with others gfx-men but not together ? Can we expect a collaboration ? (or am i wrong and i missed this piece of art, shame on me ! :)

    Nytrik is the only artist who can take my artwork and re-use it however he wants, without disappointing me. I often experiment new ideas using meshes and textures. When we see each other we often look through each other hard-drives and find lots of stuffs we never used for a demo. You can see some of my artwork re-used in Nytrik pictures, or in some of his demos like the No Exit. I become a kind of guest star, but I am only the one who can spot all my art-work in these demos. I'm very happy about that, I just let him bring to life some a bit of myself that I let die.

    Are all your pics "No copy" ?

    Most of the pictures I produced on the Amiga were copies.
    However, when I started working in video-games that was not possible, I had to learn how to produce my own ideas. At the begining it was hard work, but after a while it was easier. There were a lot of tricks to learn. Working with Vyle during 2 years was a real luck for me. I learned a lot from him.
    Sometimes I use fashion magazine pictures for reference, you know sometimes when I am reading magazines while waiting at the hair dressers I see a girl in a magazine and I think, wow, death would suit her so well. So I steal the picture and draw on top of it.

    With your signature on your work, we can see a little cat ? Is there a special meaning ?

    The original design of this little cat came from a Japanese porno Manga magazine. Yeah, that has a special meaning for me, but I would like to keep it to myself. it s the same about my nickname...

    Which of your own images do you consider as the best one ?

    Voodoo2000 probably, but I don't like my own work generally. I mean it is very easy to contemplate your own work, but because I can think about my pictures for several months before finishing them, I get bored by them and I am already excited by the next one. I don't like to think about the past.

    If you could give beginning artist a point of advice, what would it be ?

    Meet Nytrik or Vyle, they can teach you lot of things, stay away from a unsociable bastard like me!

    Besides computer-art, do you have an interest in other art ?

    I used to be a singer in a Punk Rock Band, and I have written songs and poetry for 2 other bands. I have also done 3 short movies ('TÚlÚvision d'une Nouvelle Religion', 'L'invasion des Zombies Radioactifs Communistes', 'Vivre c'est Renoncer'), starring a lot of my friends. I also worked on a fashion show for a futuristic wedding dress. I use to paint as well but not anymore. I'm potentially interest in any art that can teach me something new (Cinema, Painting, Artbook, Photography, Comic).

    It's time to close :( Would you like to say Hello to anyone ? Any final words ?

    Thanks for wanting to interview me... and i wan't to dedicate this opportunity to say something about demoscene to Vyle, Nytrik, Gengis, Guille, Obyone and Codac and few other persons from the demoscene who i keep the contact with...

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