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    Earlier this month a party took place in Wroclaw, Poland. This party was Horizon 2000. Today you can get the entries from the graphical compos at Horizon right here on the GFXZone! And you definately should watch them because the average quality of the graphics is high.....
    Lazur entered the compos with two pieces of art, Io & Zoltan put up their share with traced graphics and Dzordan contributed a total of three (!) masterpieces. But this party also has a lot of quality graphics by people you have probably never heard of before!
    Btw, could this be the first party ever where Lazur actually won a graphics compo? :-)

    New archived galleries for two parties. The first is Remedy 2000. You can download the Remedy 2000 traces here (957KB), the pixel archive (1267KB) has a nice entry by Neurodruid that won the pixel compo.
    DejaVu 2000 is another recent party. The winner picture by Optic makes downloading those graphics (500KB) worth your while.

    Titus Dev. is looking to employ low-poly artists and programmers for PSX2 and AGB work.

    Titus Dev. is based in Leamington Spa in the UK and is owned by Titus (owner of Virgin interactive / DI / Interplay and so on). For more details email Michael Simonds

    A new time has come.. I have now been the main editor of GFXZone since 1996. This has been a good time for me and I have enjoyed see the site becoming bigger, better and more popular. As GFXZone improves, it also requires more and more time, which is something I'm having less and less of.. and therefore I had to resign from my editorial post. I have been very busy for the past many months, and I'm sorry about all the emails from you which I did not reply to.

    Anyway, the bright side of this story is that NdK, who has been the co-editor of GFXZone for over 1 year and has been part of the team for over 2 years, is taking over the editorial tasks. Which means that from now on NdK is the main editor of GFXZone! Congratulations and good luck :) (I will still be involved but on a much smaller scale)

    BTW, we are always looking for new staff members so If you are interested in making GFXZone even better write NdK a mail. We especially need a new archive maintainer, somebody who will gather images from recent party compos.

    3D Addict - ex editor

    Sista Vip is searching for cool pixellers to help them with a demo they planned for Dialogos '00.
    So if you are interested please contact Loooping.
    [news item submitted by Loooping of Sista Vip]

    Another party gallery has been added to the online galleries on the GFXZone. This time it is for the Dutch party Takeover 2000. Highlights in this gallery include artwork by Made and Nytrik. View the gallery right here.

    This week Wishbone brings us the tenShu interview. His gallery is on it's way as well. BTW, have you seen the heated debate on the GFXZone forum about the Scanning/retouching? What do you think about it? You don't need to register to give your opinion :)

    If you only want to see nice and cute graphics then you definately do not want to check out our latest addition to the GFXZone: Razorback. His graphics are seriously dark and gloomy!
    The interview the GFXZone had with Razorback gives you a good overview of himself and his graphics. Did you know for example that he is creating all his scene graphics on an Amiga? There are very few pictures in his gallery that do not contain a demon in some form or another, so if you have a weak heart or any sort of objection to this kind of graphics, you should not visit his gallery

    Finally we bring you the Mermaid gallery, the c-64 female scener whom we interviewed some weeks ago. Check out her pics!

    Making of Shadows of Reality is a detailed walk through, written by Der Punkt, about the creation of the Shadows of Reality pic. BTW, we just got an email from a happy Der Punkt, here is what he wrote us:

    "..After the interview on gfxzone, I had an offer from Eclipse Ent./Austria. Further more, Rogue Ent./Dallas was interested in me, and so was Discreet Monsters/Germany. But something else came up as well. Have you heard of Serious Sam, a game that was proclaimed as DL hit of the year, and the "a game thats worthy of calling it a doom sequel" =) Well, it turned out it was Croatian developer, that was under my nose for 5 years =))) So, nevertheless, I contacted them immidiately, and I was hired as Character Designer and skin artist =)) So, I don't have to leave Cro, we'll have a kickass publisher (can't say which one), and a game that has a future as bestseller. Anyways, take a look at www.croteam.com -note- the engine is done from scratch Damn, I am happy =)))) take care,

    Now, is this great or what?! :)>

    This time Wishbone brings you the interview with the French Moxica. Check the interview and his gallery.

    Eurocom Entertainment Software are one of the largest video game development companies in the UK/Europe. We are working with publishers such as Sony, Nintendo, Disney, Midway, EA on a range of extremely high profile titles.

    We currently require the following to work in-house, complementing our existing teams.

    * 8 bit Pixel artists for CGB and AGB, please send example work showing dithering/aliasing techniques/use of limited palettes.
    * 24bit artists for PS2 to work on high quality textures and in game screens.

    Eurocom are based in Derby, England, we will help with relocation from other European countries where possible. We are located 2hrs north of London, within good commuting distance of Nottingham,Sheffield and Birmingham.

    If you are interested please email applications with example work to mats@eurodltd.co.uk

    Today we have something for all Manga fans - a Manga gallery :) with images from guys like Made, tmk, Bad and others.

    And now it is time for another gallery in the ever growing and popular 8bit series. In this 12'th edition we bring you some cool pics by Das, Bridgeclaw, Tenshu and others :)

    Today the GFXZone brings you a couple of new archived galleries. We have two new archives for the Czech Amiga party Apocalypse 2000.   The winning picture in the 2D compo (962KB) by Slayer won that compo with over twice as many points as the runner-up!   In the trace compo (1394KB) the difference between number one and two was even bigger! Here the winner is a very good trace by Zoltan.
    The icing on today's graphical cake is an archive that has the entries for the C64 graphics compo at Mekka & Symposium 2000!!   It never stops to amaze me how incredibly cool C64 graphics are. Seeing is believing, so download the archive here (274KB). Some highlights in the archive include pictures by Rayden, Cyclone & Deekay!

    We have now over 200 graphicians listed in our database. Remember to add/update your entry :)

    Some people think we are crazy, some people think we are on drugs! The fact is, the coffee machine at GFXZone headquarters has been working out this week! Another day, another try and today GFXZone gives you the third(!) interview this week. Critikill might take care of your grandparents during the daytime, but he is also responsible for some very cool graphics. Read all about it right here. And if that does not sufficiently wet your appetite, might I also add that we updated his personal gallery with 4 brand new and previously unreleased pictures.

    This time we have set up a REAL FORUM for GFX Zone :) Just click on this link and off you go! You need to "register your free account", and then you'll be able to start your own discussion topics and replay to others. It's very easy to use and has some cool features you can use, like bitmaps smilies(emotions), for example. Right now there is only one topic, in which we ask you what personal oldschool galleries you would like to see on gfxzone in the near future. So, go there and let us know :)

    And now it's time for our first interview with a female scene entity! And what an entity! She codes assembly on c64, studies animation, makes music on Amiga and C64, collects dolls, draws, does graphics and more! Read all about Mermaid here.

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