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    Anonym / Padua submitted a news-items regarding the SceneBiz mailinglist:

    We in Padua would like to introduce a new mailinglist to you, the SceneBiz list. This list is meant for networking of sceners and ex-sceners about business related issues. It is open to everyone working in the IT/Multimedia/Internet/Games field. You can subscribe by sending an empty email to biz-subscribe@scenelists.com. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at lists@scenesight.org.

    In our previous update we posted the fourth edition of the Hidden message gallery. Now we post a new gallery with the same great 8bit images, but this time the hidden messages have been revealed. Did you find all the messages?

    The truth is in here!

    Our Hidden message gallery is gradually becoming a real tradition on the GFXZone. Today we have uploaded the fourth gallery with 20 new images that have a message hidden inside them.

    If you think you have never seen an image with a hidden message before, check out the previous hidden message galleries and be surprised. In this fourth edition Fame, Lazur, Made & Pix and many others have been feeding you subliminal information. As usual, we will first give some time to find the hidden messages yourself, and next weekend we will reveal the hidden messages for you.

    Look for the new hidden messages here

    Dzordan has been a very active graphician for many years and today we can show you a new personal gallery with his graphics on the GFXZone. This new personal gallery has 50 images and gives you a stunning overview of what Dzordan has accomplished the past 6 years. Some of the images in this gallery date back as far as 1995 and are great to see because they show how Dzordan started. And there are also some very recent graphics in this gallery that show how the graphics of this Polish hardcore Amiga graphician have matured over time.

    But little information is known about him, so that is why we are glad Dzordan agreed to do an interview with the GFXZone! This large interview is definately worth your time as there is plenty of info hidden inside. Did you know for example that Dzordan loves elephants, but has killed several mouses? Or would you like to read Dzordan's views on The Matrix part II, or what he thinks about comparing his graphics to those of Lazur? All this and much more in the interview I had with Dzordan

    Read the Dzordan interview and visit his new gallery

    Supah / Bypass submitted a news-items regarding their search for a 3D graphician:

    Bypass demo group: we are searching for an active 3D artist that is capable of doing 3D scenes preferable with 3dsmax and would like to join our group. If you are interested, experienced and would like to show us some of your work don't hesitate to write me a mail or catch us on irc #bypass.

    [news item submitted by Supah / Bypass]

    Eyvind Almquist submitted a news-items regarding the release of VirtualExp:

    VirtualExp contains the latest in virtual reality like Virtual worlds, 3d-rides and space-journeys. It also contains mind-activating and energizing animated graphics. These are developed with the new Java2-technology and Java3D. You will find the largest collection of Java3D-applets on the internet

    Visit the VirtualExp homepage

    For a long time it was unclear if there would be a new edition of the Dialogos party this year. But fortunately the organizers managed to sort out the difficulties and I am glad they did. This weekend was party weekend for Dialogos and you can see the results in a new online gallery. Graphics by Acryl, Fashion, Critikill, Tomic, Dfox and plenty of other graphicians.

    Enter the Dialogos 2001 gallery.

    The Spanish demoscene recently had another chance to show their talents on the BCNParty in Barcelona. The 2D competition featured good work by Pwyll, Jull & Newalpha and was won by Zaac with a landslide on points. 3D Compo was won by Jull. Download the complete archive here (4624KB). Thanks to Trace^Threepixels for making the graphics available.

    Also available now is an archive for the Czech Amiga party Apocalypse 3. On this party Yon took first place in the 2D compo and Noogman won trace. Download the archive (2602KB).

    Furthermore, a new poll question is up now. The easiest ever :-)

    Tobias Reichert submitted a news-items regarding the release of his Infinity Textures v2.1:

    I-Tex is a powerful seamless texture designer for all professional graphics artists who need seamless textures of high quality for web design, presentations, DTP, 3D Rendering/Raytracing and game development. The innovative interface was designed and fine-tuned for quick and comfortable working with multiple textures. The multithreaded engine can handle textures up to 4096x4096 pixels and offers you well over a hundred of highly flexible functions for a wide palette of texture effects. The application supports scripts and can be extended with plug-ins. Animated textures can be rendered by using the included particle system animator or the powerful generator engine functions. A genetic texture generator is included that creates images by just a few clicks. Images can be converted to seamless textures with various functions like kaleidoscopes and blend functions. A texture extraction tool gives you the ability to extract textures from photos and assign a perspective correction to it. The textures can be visualized and previewed mapped on standard primitives or rendered on a landscape height map using the integrated photorealistic landscape raytracer, that also creates spherical and cubic environment maps.

    Languages supported : English and German
    OS : Win9x/NT (NT/2k recommended)

    I-Tex homepage

    Many cool graphics have been created over the years on 8bit machines. The GFXZone was able to show this to you a couple of weeks ago when we first showed a theme gallery with demoscene graphics from Amstrad CPC, and we want to continue this trend for other platforms.

    One of the 8bit platforms that is still very much alive is the ZX-Spectrum. In fact, this part of the demoscene has shown great progress over the last 3 years or so. So it makes perfect sense that a website about graphics on the ZX-Spectrum should be created. And that is exactly what happened.

    Placebo, a Russian group, opened a new scene portal dedicated to ZX-Spectrum graphics, called ZpiXel. The website is in Russian, but I think that you will find it very easy to find the images. The reason for this is that the layout of ZpiXel is based on some other website about demoscene graphics that you sometimes visit. :^) Visit ZpiXel now!

    Unlock / Vantage+PAiN submitted a news-items regarding PAiN 10/01:

    PAiN 10/01 has been released. Coming straight from the PAiN development laboratories, this edition hits your sweet face again. Feel the pain.

    Get it from http://pain.planet-d.net now!

    [news item submitted by Unlock / Vantage+PAiN]

    If you like archived galleries, then we have a lot for you to enjoy in this update! All archives are for recent parties from 2001.

    Our first archive is for the Polish Delirium party (2690KB), and has good graphics by for example Lester, Mantra & Ural. The Latvian Phat party (1829KB) is 8bit oriented and the archive has many very goodlooking graphics from ZX Spectrum, but also 24bit imagery by Critikill & Acryl. On the Trsac party (2950KB) in Denmark, one of the compo's was a sketch compo. Other highlist from that party include a nice lowres 8bit by Fireball and an image with a message by Mogens.

    Besides all that, we also uploaded archives for Digital Nexus (1009KB), Norvegia (3954KB) & Syndeecate (3283KB).

    Two archived party galleries have been added to our growing collection. They are archives for parties that were held this summer, one for Core 2001 and another for Slach 2001.

    The Core 2001 (9252KB) party is a Hungarian party from last August. The best images in this archive are a truecolor image by Inferno and pixels by Critikill, Mime and Azure, who won the pixel compo with his entry.

    Kel Solaar created a manga-style trace image that won the 3D compo at the French Slach 2001 (7466KB) party. There are a few other very enjoyable graphics in this archive as well.

    If you have been involved in the demoscene for a lot of years, chances are that your first computer was not the system you are currently using. Plenty of sceners first became interested in the scene in the days of the C64, CPC or Spectrum. Obviously, this means that many demoscene graphics have been (and still are being!) created for these platforms.

    So the GFXZone is bringing these graphics to your attention by creating theme galleries for each platform. Today's theme gallery is completely focussed on the Amstrad CPC. Many sceners have created graphics for this platform, but did you know that Made was one of them? There are 130 images in this new gallery, and still the total size of all the images combined is well under one megabyte :-) Enter the new CPC theme gallery.

    For the people that have never worked with this machine, or for the ones that just want to reminisce the good old days, we have also written a little article about the Amstrad CPC and its graphical capabilities. The article can help you understand why you can't run Photoshop on these little babies. Read the CPC article here.

    We want to create the best possible oldschool theme galleries for all oldschool platforms, so if you have a collection of graphics for one of these platforms, please contact us. We are very interested to hear from you! And also, check out our new poll and let us know what your first computer was.

    Over the last couple of months a lot of new personal galleries have been posted on the GFXZone from various Polish demoscene graphicians. Today is no exception and we can present you with a new Polish personal gallery. This time the spotlights are on Mantra.

    This fresh two-part personal gallery for Mantra has 40 images in total. The first part with 20 images contains only logos, here you will find old logos and new ones in both 8bit and 24bit. The second part has Mantra's other pics, including some very cool diskmag panels and all his recent party entries. What I really appreciate about Mantra's work is his abundant use of colors, which give his images a sparkling and sometimes even cartoonish appearance. Visit the new Mantra gallery here.

    Btw, earlier this month the GFXZone featured a Mime personal gallery, and today we added this new gallery for Mantra. Both these people have very recently joined the gfx-only group Scenic. Coincidence? You decide....

    It does not happen very often that a new party is successful in the very first edition. The Symphony 2001 party was held last weekend in Poland for the first time, and based on the Amiga demos and compo graphics I have seen I'd have to say that this party has made an impressive start.

    So we have selected 23 images from the graphics compos at Symphony 2001 and put them in an online gallery, 15 pixel images and 8 raytraced ones. There are for example some good images by Kazik, Slayer, Neuromancer and a great coop by Mantra & Critikill. But there is plenty more for you to view. The party was deservedly won by Mime with a quite "mad" image.

    Enter the Symphony 2001 gallery or download the complete archive (10705KB).

    A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Jamon and he wrote that it was a disaster that the GFXZone did not yet have a personal gallery with his graphics. I agreed with him and suggested that this catastrophe could only be corrected in one way - so for this update we have created a personal gallery with the graphics of Jamon.

    In total 40 images by Jamon are in this personal gallery. The first part of his gallery contains a lot of older logos and graphics in 256 colors or less. In the second part you can find more recent 8bit graphics, but also many 24bit images. Just visit the new Jamon gallery, and I promise you won't be disappointed!!

    And by the way, Jamon aspires a job as a graphician for a game-company somewhere in Western Europe. He has prior experience as 2D and 3D graphician in the game industry, so if you think you or your company can use his services, send him a mail.

    Plenty of the graphicians that are active in the demoscene today have already been active for a number of years. But it does happen every now and then that a new talent emerges on the demoscene horizon who starts creating good graphics right away. And what better way for the GFXZone to bring such people to your attention than by creating a new personal gallery?!

    One of those fresh talents is the Polish graphician Mime. He has been active in the demoscene for a little over one year now, but his portfolio has already grown to impressive proportions. The new personal gallery with his images contains 25 truecolor images, and I bet that a lot of these will be completely new to you.

    Mime kindly send us a very new image for this occasion, which he created only a couple of days ago. This world-premiere image happens to be our new image of the week!

    Enjoy the new Mime gallery

    Fred is a Swiss graphician that has been around for quite a long time. Around two years ago the GFXZone did an interview with Fred, but somehow we never created a gallery with his images. Now this has changed an we can show you a personal gallery with demoscene art by Fred.

    20 images are in this new personal gallery, a lot of those images are logos. Most of these pixels were created many years ago, so this gallery is bound to bring back some memories for you. But also his newest image is present which won the Buenzli party a couple of days ago! Visit the new Fred gallery on the GFXZone and pay a visit to his homepage which recently got a big makeover.

    Also we uploaded a party archive for Buenzli 2001, which contains a couple of very nice images. As mentioned earlier there is one image by Fred, and this image had some heavy competition of a brilliant image by Splif. There was only one point difference in the final results! Other good images included are by Ak and Jibe. Download the archive (2667KB)

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