Advise for 3D beginners

by 3D Addict (October'96)

    You have probably seen some cool traced images and wondered if you could do it too.Everything is possible and If you really want to try it, you probably already know it.Here is some advise which will bring you on the right track: first of all, choose a 3D application which is widely used among others, so it will be easier for you to get help - and don't be afraid to ask.Begin with some very simple objects and functions like sphere or lathe and do a lot of experimenting with them in your scenes.Try different texture settings with different light settings from various angles etc.Don't be afraid to experiment a lot.Be creative and always try something different.After some time you will have a good understanding of how the basic things work, and begin experimenting with some of the more complex functions.From now on stop making flying cubes and nice looking spheres and begin modelling.Modelling can be difficult in the beginning but stay on it, don't give up.With time you will master this too, and as a result you will begin to see some nice traces.Don't stop here though, be never satisfied with your work for more than couple of days.Always strive for higher goals.Your images must keep getting better on a constant basis, otherwise you are getting nowhere.Take your time and don't get lazy on details.Be a self critic and never underrate others thinking that they won't notice this or that small error or lack of detail.Get inspired by watching others work(check theTrace Gallery). Always compare your images with the best you have ever seen.Buy some 3D magazines(CGW, 3D Artist, 3D Design), get likeminded friends, surf the net in search for 3D galleries, tips, FAQ, etc.Educate yourself, read everything you can about 3D and get excited about what you are doing.Only you can do it.Use the 3D glossary in the beginning as a reference, and occasionally check GFXZone for new articles from more experienced tracers.With your consistence as a tracer, the scene will soon experience a new generation of tracers, capable of producing mindblowing, killer 3D gfx which will leave the game industry in dust... : -)This will make the scene stronger and more respected in the real world.It's up to you, and remember, always compare with the best.

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