Unreal(hu) - interview by Mr Ed
    Dzordan - interview by NdK
    BoO - interview by MrEd
    Tenshu - interview by Wishbone
    Razorback - interview by NdK
    Moxica - interview by Wishbone
    Critikill - interview by NdK
    Mermaid - interview by Mr Ed
    Der Punkt - interview by Mr Ed
    Jibe - interview by Wishbone
    Norm - interview by Mr Ed
    Adam - interview by Matarazzo
    Neutron - interview by Mr Ed
    Bridgeclaw - interview by Ghandy
    Antony - interview by Wishbone
    Necronomicon - interview by Mr Ed
    Fred - interview by Wishbone
    Nytrik - interview by Wishbone
    Danny - old interview by by Mount
    Flood - nice interview by NdK
    X-man - very entertaining reading by Wishbone
    Archmage - by Diesel
    Rodney - by Inferno
    Electron - very nice and a bit nostalgic reading
    Visualize - irc interview by paradx/wizz
    Lazur - at last, the nr.1 man speaks out
    Saffron - very interesting and detailed
    Deckard - he uses pencils, air-brush, watercolours and Photoshop!
    MRK - done by Java
    Orome - a great graphician
    tmk-java - special stuff:)
    Znorc - young and talented Danish tracer
    Visualize - a graphician from Finland
    Danny leaves the scene - find out why from the man himself..
    Unreal - about Tribes, how it was done, by who, and a bit about Lazur
    Sky - an irc interview with this cool graphician
    Haplo - a french graphician, with special style
    A.-t- - an Atari graphician... he is among the best scene graphicians
    Tudor - one of the best scene tracers
    Devilstar - one cool Danish graphician
    Danny - I guess he dosen't need an introduction to who he is :)
    Nero - german graphician with great potential
    Prowler - one of the most original scene graphcian
    Cyclone - the man who won M&S'97 gfx compo.
    Made - one of the best, among scene graphicians.
    Stripe - the mainorganizer of all The Party events.Will there be a TP'97?


    ZX Spectrum graphics modes - by NdK/GFXZone & ZpiXel
    Amstrad CPC graphics modes - by NdK & Wishbone
    Making of Shadows of Reality - by Der Punkt
    GFX2 pixel tutorial - by zTHee
    The Making of Future bandits - by 3D Addict
    Who the f*uck is Das? - by d-lee
    Graphics basis part 1 - article by Pl/Imphobia
    Drawing Techniques - article by Sky/Xography
    Copy graphicians are not artists - article by Serpent
    The Many Facets Of Rendering - article about raytracing by Sumaleth
    UP & COMING: Lazur / Nah Color / TRSI - article about Lazur + a surprise :)
    The disintegration of the old graphics scene - an article by Danny
    Art - Unreal's opinion about scene art
    3D and bitmaps - no art - This article should be read by every scene graphician
    Goblin's Pixelling Tutorial - a great tutorial for beginners.
    Deluxe Paint II enhanced key shortcuts - very usefull.Print this, and put on your wall.
    A Graphician's Tip Book - a very usefull series of articles about DPaint, PhotoS... ;)
    A Work of Art - a step by step guide to a "Creation of a Piece of Art"
    Easy tracing ? - is tracing easy or what !
    advise for 3D beginners - wanna do some killer traces - read on!


    Audiophonik - audio CD - a review of it
    Dreams 2 - under investigation - a review of Dreams 2
    Gathering'97 GFX review - some of the best pics described


    #pixel irc log few hrs after - most hardcore scene graphicians read the Danny interview
    The Party'97 report - what happend at tp7?(with photos + unoffical results)
    great 3D tips/hints - for Imagine, Lightwave, 3DS and 3DSMAX + 3D glossary
    great 2D tips/hints - for Photoshop v.3&4

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