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    [ last updated on 27.07.2004 ]

    The best images from the competitions at the Symphony 2004 party have been made available online for your viewing pleasure! At Symphony three separate graphics competitions were held (24bit handmade, image processing and raytrace 3d), the 15 best images from those competitions have been put into one mixed gallery. Some of my personal highlights in this gallery are images by Mantraz and Rork. Enter the Symphony 2004 online gallery

    A large archive with all Symphony compo graphics is also available for download. (13044KB)

    The organizers of the tUM party 2004 are very serious about listening to what their visitors want. Currently they have a poll on their homepage about the single artist compos (graphics and music).
    At last year's tUM they chose not to display the names and groups of the participants in these two compos, to somewhat limit namevoting. Now they want the opinion of their visitors to help them decide if they should continue this. Visit them on their site and let them know what you think!

    People have created demoscene logos ever since the demoscene started. When you think of it, the first demoscene image might very well have been a logo. Over time logo-art has evolved from the spritebased logos on the C64 to full 24bit works of art. This update to the GFXZone adds a personal gallery for the French graphician who made logos his speciality: Kenet.

    The new gallery contains some very old palette-based logos by Kenet in the first part of the gallery, but most of the gallery is filled with full 24bit logo graphics. A total of 116 images by Kenet are available for you to discover, there are bound to be a lot of images you have not seen before!

    You wouldn't say from the amount of high quality graphics he has created, but Kenet used to create music and only really got into creating graphics a couple of years ago. I really enjoy the logos from Kenet, and I think you will too.

    Enter the Kenet gallery here.

    A small update this time, with 2 zipped party archives. The good news is that those two zipfiles contain a few very likeable images. The first archive is for Buenzli 2003 (2176KB). Delilah, Sacri, Tomic, Visualice and Xenusion are responsible for some good graphics here.

    For 2004 a zipped archive has been added for Krangparty 10 (5853KB). At this party the current image of the week by Razorback was released. Thanks again to Bobo for his help!

    More zipped party archives have been added to the GFXZone. For the year 2004 we added an archive for The Gathering. There are quite a few decent graphics in this archive, just download it an check it out. The winning image from the 'pixel' compo was not available online anywhere, until today. Thanks for sending Kusma! Download the archive for The Gathering 2004 (5286KB)

    Other archives for 2003 that you might want to check out are for BCN 2003 (5589KB), Cafe 2003 (7132KB), Birdie 2003 (2505KB), 0a000h 2003 (1933KB), 7d3 2003 (1063KB), Alchimie 2003 (1058KB) and Berzan 2003 (1222KB).

    Every week the GFXZone gives special attention to a certain image by making it the image of the week, and every year all the images that have been image of the week are combined into a theme gallery. The theme gallery with all the images of the week for 2003 was not yet available online, and that is what this update is all about!

    Today we look back at 2003 with a new edition of the Image of the week gallery. This time we have added 26 imagesl (so we missed a few weeks :)). The quality of the images in this gallery is outstanding! Visit the iotw gallery here

    A few zipped party archives have been added to the evergrowing collection of the GFXZone. No really spectacular graphics unfortunately, but a few archives contain some nice surprises.

    The archive for Simply the state of the art 2004 (4498KB) contains some nice graphics, and I also thought the graphics from React 2004 (1543KB) were reasonable. Other added archives are for 0a000h 2004 (975KB), Arroutada 2003 (863KB), Birdie 2004 (5270KB), Jamaica rom 2004 (80KB), Marast 2004 (701KB) and Synthesis 2004 (2550KB).

    Literally dozens of image formats have been created to store your precious graphics. Some formats are intended for online displaying of graphics, while other formats are intended to be used from your own harddisk. Some formats store the image without losing details, while other formats are lossy. The question in this new poll is - what is your favourite image format?

    In our previous poll we asked what our visitors think of 100% pixeled in party compos. Over 75% of the voters thought that such images should be in a separate party compo. I really hope party organizers are paying attention, because I completely agree with the majority of the voters!! Check the old results if you are interested in the details.

    A new personal gallery has been added to the GFXZone for Typhoon, a Norwegian Amiga-scener who started his career in the scene in the late 80's. He is mostly known in the scene for his work as a graphician, but did you know he also contributed to various scene productions as a musician?

    Typhoon's last major scene production was Divine, a slideshow for AGA Amiga's released early 2000 by Gods. Unfortunately he has been quite inactive since that slideshow, but who knows, there just might be another scene-production with his work soon! :)

    The gallery we have created for you contains 20 selected images from Typhoon. The images from the Divine slideshow are present, and there are many more images, even some really old images that were created before Typhoon joined Gods. All images in this gallery are 8bit and lowres. Most images are AGA, but there are also a few images using an ECS palette.

    Enter the Typhoon gallery here.

    A new party gallery is available on the GFXZone, it is a gallery containing the best graphics from this years Breakpoint party. If you haven't seen the compo graphics or just want to relive the compo feeling, check this new gallery out!

    This new gallery has 15 images in total, quite a few are created by graphicians that have been active for a while, but there are also a few promising new names. Enter the Breakpoint 2004 online gallery

    A large archive with all Breakpoint compo graphics is also available for download. (18389KB)

    Every graphician knows that when he or she is creating an image there are factors that will help their image to become great. For some people that factor means using certain substances, while others need a rainy sunday afternoon. In the demoscene there are a few graphicians who discovered they do their best work in pairs.

    Two of those graphicians are Geist & Germ, and today we can show you a personal gallery featuring their pics. These french pixellers met many years ago at school where they discovered they had a common interest in graffiti. When they discovered computergraphics lateron they continued to work together and the result of their cooperation is a great collection of cool demoscene graphics.

    Their images are mostly palette-based lowres Amiga work, though you can find some 24bit stuff as well. Enter the freshly added Geist & Germ gallery.

    In our series of theme galleries about graphics on classic demoscene platforms we present you an update to our theme gallery honouring the ZX Spectrum. Thanks to the dedicated people in the 'Speccy'-scene, and in particular many thanks to Diver/4D, for their great support!

    The update means that the images in the Spectrum gallery are now ordered more logically, and ofcourse many new images have been added. The updated gallery has screens from the late eighties, but also includes images released just a month ago. Because it is the default size for images on a Spectrum, all images have a 256*192 pixel resolution. If you are interested in additional technical information about the hardware limits of the Spectrum, we also have an article available online about ZX Spectrum graphics. This article was written when the first version of the Spectrum gallery was released on the GFXZone.

    Enter the updated ZX Spectrum theme gallery and enjoy!

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