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      ansi, ascii & Co

    Acheron - news, interviews, artpacks, mags, galleries and more.
    ACiD productions - artpacks, mags, tools, tutorials,...
    Artpacks archive - artpacks - lots of 'em.
    Heister's digital art - a valued resource in the underground digital art scene. Includes ANSI, ASCII, RIP and VGA art.
    ICE - another valued place promoting the underground art scene (ascii, rip, vga,...).
    Somnium - an on-line text art gallery. Ansigroups can upload their current pack.


    ADA - Amiga Demoscene Archive - Collection of the best demos and intros released on Amiga.
    Amiga Emulation Nation - The biggest ADF archive online.
    Area64 - C64 art gallery section - some C64 pics.
    Back to the roots - Huge collections of Games, Demos and graphics. - Allround C64 news portal featuring a random C64 image on each visit.
    Commodore64 art gallery - lots of kewl pics.
    CFXweb image gallery - CFXweb opened up its image gallery. You are invited to submit your 2D/3D pics.
    No copy? - want to see some proof of how much redrawing there is going on? Check this out!
    #pixel - the new #pixel homepage.
    Pixelfr - the #pixelfr homepage.
    ST-Art - a website dedicated to Atari ST/STe/Falcon artists.
    The Demoscene graphics gallery - a collection of scene graphics with search engine.
    The Factory - the old #pixel homepage.
    ZpiXel - Russian/English site focussing on ZXSpectrum graphics. Its design is based on the GFXZone design.

      tools & resources

    ArtGem - ArtGem combines the best of classic Deluxe Paint, together with the superb performance and quality of modern graphics applications (Windows).
    Fixpal - it can create common palette for your files, and/or remap your bitmap files to new palette.
    GrafX2 - the ultimate multi-resolution bitmap paint program for PC (DOS).
    OpenPTC - OpenPTC is a third-generation standard for cross platform low-level graphics access.
    Pixel32 - A powerfull image/animation painting/editing and retouching application for Windows, BeOS and DOS.
    Pro Motion - pro motion is a drawing and animation package which is similar to Deluxe Paint (Windows).
    The gfx project - if you need (or share) some technical information about a graphic file format.
    The gimp - this is the Windows version if you're not a Linux addict :)

      on-line mags & diskmags

    Beam - bare electronic art magazine, mix of ansii & vga pictures.
    Demojournal - the popular Demojournal! interviews of Orome, Tmk,...
    Fleur - gallery corner, interviews of Tudor, Visualize, Danny, Fred, Rodney and more.
    Hugi - a PC diskmag which inaugurates a graphics corner with its issue 17.
    Move - Galleries of Danube, Anhk, Moxica, Logone...
    Pain - Bimonthly magazine. International charts, scene rumours and a diversity of articles.
    Scenecity - picture of the month, #pixel compos.
    Wildmag - German diskmag. Edition 4 includes an interview with the GFXZone main editor.


    Dreams CDs - the hugest collection of scene graphics.


    #acid - general ACiD Productions bods in here...
    #ans - ansi art channel.
    #ansi - ansi talents here.
    #asc - ascii channel.
    #ascii - speak with the ascii mates!
    #hirez - hirez scene art channel.
    #pixel - no comment :)
    #pixelfr - french graphicians here.

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