by Unreal/Pulse

    All in all I think it's stupid about this "it's 3d demo" statement from people. It's like with scanning : some people scan to cheat, and others use scannings as alternate, to pixelling, way of creating images. Now, if some average scener sees a picture he finds great and he gets to know it's a composition of scannings, he'll say "phew, then this is a shit! it's a scan". People don't care that it looks great, and that it is not supposed to IMITATE pixel, they just have this scheme "scan = lame". I think it's very very stupid. I know almost every pixeller that is a little above the average, so this could mean that I could be very "scan contra" (against scanning). But I'm not, for me this scanned/pixelled is like with demo and 64k : different judgement criteria YES, but if something looks great, then it's great, no matter how it is done. Now, this same thing goes for demos. In 1997 I've done 3 demos : Sunflower, NDE, and Tribes. What did those people notice? That I'm a 3d coder. They didn't notice that I work in a certain way : I think about what I want to do, and I find the best way to do it, if the best way to do it is 3d then I'm using it, if it's 2d, then I choose 2d. Sunflower was 3d, certainly it would not be possible to show some of the things in typical scene 2d effects like twirls and such, but no, people say "it's too much 3d". It's something like with poor music bands, they have the scheme for songs that goes: intro, song, refrain, song, guitar solo, song. So they just go along the scheme and they put a solo not because they think it creates excellent mood in the song, but becuse that's how the songs are done. Such example of this is the depth of field effect in Sunflower - I told my script ideas to Alex/Melon and he suggested to put the effect after the grasshoppers scene so it's in one stream of ideas. I didn't put the 2d effect because I thought "ok, we had too much 3d, no good, no good!" but because it fits there. Some of people might have seen NDE, a no-3d demo I've done with my very good friends Made and Key G. It was sort of surprising that ALL the good opinions came from the people I highly respect for their ideas and creativity. Why? I thought they might think this demo is not original ("those effects are simple and it's boring"), but I was extremaly glad to find out those people don't judge the technique behind the demo (as it's never been the case, I had no intention to show anything technically special), but the atmosphere and the feelings this demo had inside. People like Made, Zeb, Haplo, Rez, and Statix made me believe it's still good to create something like NDE - some people will get and understand the message. From other people I heard comments like "after this great Sunflower you release this crap" or "Sunflower was great show, now this is some 2d crap" "you should have added some superb 3d". None of these people thought this was a plan to make NDE like that. That's quite worrying, but as I said, some people will get the message, and I have to admit the right people get the message while masses seem too numb.

    To give this all the end, I just want to say I'm sorry for people who see a beautiful creation thru the stained glass of schemes, and don't have their own spines and admit something is great even if majority says it sucks.

    What do you people think of that?Any response is very welcome.

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