[ We decided to start putting some older gfx related articles from various old but now dead diskmags(if possible, with their authors permission of course). The main reason for this, is that it's a great pity that so many good and interesting articles end up forgotten forever.Older articles show a bit of a scene history.They can show us how graphicians were doing back then, describe old trends, happenings and even drawing techniques as well as the usual scenish gossip from the old days.Furthermore, many topics of old articles are just as actual today as they were back then.I'm sure that many of you will find these articles interesting, entertaining and even nostalgic.If you have some older gfx releated articles please feel free to mail them to us ]

The following article was originally written for Upstream 6(1994), now dead but once one of the most popular Amiga disk-mags.

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Written by Serpent / Carnage

I would like to do my part in the rising debate about copying (or should we say stealing?) pictures.

Why I wonder why you can't watch a graphics competition without seeing at least one picture from Boris Vallejo? I'm not saying he's bad I just think it's a real shame that people steal art from other artists just because they can't accomplish the same results on their own, And who can? Or is it that they only want the price-money? no I don't think so, 'cause compos isn't the only place that you can find stolen pictures in. But what's the meaning then? Who is crazy enough to sit for weeks to make pictures for a slideshow, when he hasn't made them himself. Are they afraid that people should see how bad they really are? I mean, I don't believe that there is many 'graphicians' that can draw a decent picture on paper without stealing something, and if the top ten graphicians can do that, why do they steal pictures and don't make pictures of their own. Perhaps the standard of their work would sink, but instead they would develop their own abilities and maybe they will be able to draw their own pictures, just like me (hehe). I'm not saying I'm the best but there is

nothing special with stealing a picture and do some touchup and I can do it like everybody else and I actually challenge all graphichians, who copies pictures, to make a picture of their own that beats my and other 'real' graphic artists work. They probably won't even try.

Piss off If they can show that they are worth the placings they have on all charts, then it's ok, they can keep copying pictures, it doesn't bother me, it would ofcourse be more fun if we could see some new art instead of real pictures transfered into the computer. If they don't prove that they are what they say, then they can go to hell and leave the fame for those who really deserve it.

Blasphemy And one thing that bothers me is when they (no names) takes pieces from different paintings and make their own, like a fucking puzzle, it looks like shit. And it's a blasphemy against the real artist. And most pictures only get uglyer when they have transfered them into the computer. Why don't you just scan them in Ham interlace if you just want to look at them, it looks much better even though there are some ham bugs.

Raise your voices So to all who has the same opinions as me: Raise your voices, this idiotism must stop, so that honest people can have a chance to win competitions and not have to compete against Boris Vallejo or some D&D artist.

Many people hang on to copying pictures just because they don't want to behind, but it's now proven that you don't have to scan or copy a picture just to win, since I just won the gfx-competition at the Crossroads-party in Gothenburg, with my own picture....

So, no more Boris please!

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