#pixel irc log few hrs after most hardcore scene graphicians read the news about Danny leaving the scene

     htw, remember the discussion here earlier? scanning and such?
     aap : how could I forget!!!
     aap: yar.. caused by danny leaving the scene imho..
     ian anderson/DR said: talent borrows, genius steals and shit copies
     so people who do 'hard' work by recreating a picture pixel by pixel are IDIOTS..
     a scanner is that much faster and gives you the same result
     aap : that makes me a talented Genius :)
     aap : that was what I was saying, end result is everything :)
     htw, i think so too
     aap: so they should make a completely new picture instead..:)
     factory, yes.. or apply a certain style/look to it
     aap : you think I'm a talented Genius??! :)
     aap: yar.. or get back to 32 colors, can't get a good scan in 32 colors.. 
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     [lOUIE] Louie / The Black Lotus         Graphician
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     [|fred|] Fred -calodox-
    <|fred|> re-hello
     htw, no, but since you're the only one who is with me, i decided to give you whatever
     you wanted :)
     factory, exactly!
     aap : I don't think I'm the only one... the other ones are professional artists not
     making demos :)
     aap: yar, we have 4 channel mod compos,, why not a limit form of graphic compo..??
     htw, hehe :)
     factory, that, OR allow anything
    *MRK* gfxzone - yours?
     have wild graphics and limit graphics and ray traced graphics :)
     aap: hmm allowing anything would be unworkable.. too easy to rip..
    *MRK* ???????????????????????????
     factory, there is no such thing as ripping
     aap: erm ok.. plagarism.. same thing..
     htw, no.. ONE big compo.. anything goes.. 
     factory, so when did you see an ORIGINAL picture then?!
     the so-called 'good' artists are just better at hiding their sources
     anyone read the interview with Danny in GFXZ?
     not me
     aap: erm plagarism is copying someone elses work and claiming it as your own..
    it does say anything about the origionality of the work..
     is it funny?
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     hotwire: nope, not yet..
     that is the www to that home page??
     hmm it is an "interesting" read...
     louie : there is a link from the main page at www.hornet.org
     click on frames version at the top of the GFXZ page or it is a pain to find the article...
     everyone reads Danny's article?
     hotw: reading it now..
     hmmm... think much is directed at me, but I may be flattering myself ;)
     hotw: and destop possibly..
     destop? aha don't hear much from Destop !:)
     hmm I don't know about this scanning business there isn't much scanning in oz, not much
    pixelling either though.. :)
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     [Greenpix7] GREENINGS to ALL!!!!! :)
     heh most of the using scans as PARTS of images and most of the section of what is art?
     comes out of an argument from a few days ago! :)
     hmm looking at the pics from tp7 at GFZ, I think girlies should be banned.. :)
     3da,aap,Hotwire,Louie,Fred and Void !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     yeah girlie pictures are Very Very lame ...
    * aap-acme is stopping HIS girlie picture RIGHT now then
    * HoTWire slaps aap for being un original and very very sad
     aap: I'm thinking of doing a girlie pic.. just to see what it's like..:)
    * HoTWire LOVES the No Copy? Gallery .. shows how "top" artists are in fact a little bit lame...
     hotw: it also shows how much boris has influenced the scene..
     it shows how un imaginative and un artistic a lot of the "top" "artists" can be..
    technique is nothing, image is everything :)
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     [Gp7] GREENINGS to ALL!!!!! :)
     re gp7
    *HoTWire* you awake?
     hotw: hmm the nocopy page is a bit of a controversial page.. I'm sure is caused
    a lot of this scanning and copying debate..
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     Factory : good!... shows up the scene for what it has become over the last few years...
     The computer world is a universe of concepts. Sceners should better explore
          the way of concepts instead of the techniques themselves. Use pixels,
     show wire-objects, use reduced palettes and
          resolutions. Develop a new imagery directly linked to the computer.
     And no more realistic material mappings.
     hotw: erm, alot of the pictures in the page are a few years old..
     factory : I know that I recognise a lot of them... but it shows the gradual
     progression, some on can call an image "no copy" because it came from a photograph not
      from some one elses art, but the same person turns round and calls people who scaned
      photos withing their images lame and not talented
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     hotw: speak of the devil.. :)
    <|Danny|> well hello to you all aswell.. 
     hey hey hey its the man himself.. just talking about you dan :)
     danny.. :)
    <|Danny|> greenie
    <|Danny|> factoorie
    <|Danny|> hotwire: really now? what did I do?
    <|Danny|> aapman
    *** UltimateW sets mode: +o |Danny|
     Dan : your interview on GFXZ ;)
      Danny :o)
    <|Danny|> thanks ulti!
    <|Danny|> hot: ah.. I see..
     hotw: anyways I think the only way to stop scanning is to place restriction
    which make it impossible to make scanned art look good.
     Dan : !
    <|Danny|> I see 3daddict is a quick fella to add things.. :)
     The URL for GFXzone ... 
     Controvesial subject!
     Factory : I hate the idea of scaned art competiting with hand drawn art...
    it should all be disqualified from competition...
    *|Danny|* you there dude?
     but I'd like to see a WILD Graphics competition. any resolution,
    and formats any methods...
     blah blah blah blah
     one big compo.. anything can enter
     let the people decide
     fuck it you could have like real world art in it paintings and shit
     hotw: hmm there also is the problem that scanned and hand-drawn are are
     both doing the same things, trying to imitate reality, as you get better tech it
      get hard to tell the difference..:(
     FUCKING TP arse bandits no serving no results basatrds!
     I lost my Bookmarks, so give me the URL for GFXzone !!! Pretty please :o)
     anybody got any AVI edit program?
     Factory : I guess so, but I can't see how people can live with themselves
    entering and winning competitions with scanned/re-touched art...
    <|Danny|> ult: www.hornet.org
    <|Danny|> aap: use adobe premiere..
     UW : www.hornet.org link from thier
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     hotw: yar.. it's a bit pointless.
     thank you :o) pheww I was getting all green :O)
     the winning pics at TP sucked.. photo-stolen shit.. .
     Nothing personal GreenPix :o)) 
     why cant anyone do original art ?. ..
     uni: erm alot ppl do original art.. 
     I wonder why hornet allow 4k intro into the "demo" charts on hornet,
    no wonder they will come in like top ten, theya re so small and easy to download
    that everyone gets them...
     fac: yeah right.. like 5% of the pixel scene at most. ..
     uni : I'd say about 15% of the damous pixel scene  and about 80% of non famous...
     damous = famous  oops!
     made, ra, lazur.. they just download a photo and pxel a bacjgroiund on it. .. it SUX. ..
     uni: crap.. more like 5% scan regularly, and 30% scaned/copied.. 
     uni : ra!?
     hotwire: ra has stolen pics and pixelen
     bet all the Cthulhu artwork in the last Sanity demo was all scanned right ???
    oh thats so lame !:)
     uni : I know he has stolen pictures, but not all, most "top" "artists"
    have stolen pictures...
     all full of shit...
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     [assa-acme] ACME girl pickup service chef.. ask and i will deliver :)
    *** botchan sets mode: +o assa-acme
     [assa-acme] ACME gfxian & art student
    * HoTWire starts mouthing off again ... oops :)
    *** |fred| has quit IRC (-[c a l o d o x]-)
     hot: an artist that steal pics is NOT an artist. ..
    <|Danny|> assamanna!
    *** assa-acme sets mode: +o Greenpix7
     uni : thats why it is in "" marks... thats my POINT!
     uni: erm they are still an artist.. just unethical.. 
     copying a picture and calling it your own is lame... admitting stealing but
     doing something else with image is less lame...
     aap give us that quote again!
     an artist that steal a pic.. ansd puts his handle on it.. is nothing but a
     fake.. anyone can do that...
     a REAL artist draws his poic from scratch..
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     uni : a real artist draws whats on his mind,...
     guess that is why so many sceners draw naked girls :)
     check tha gfx-zone NO-COPY archive.. . and be aschamed of the pixel scene!
     a real artist throws his mouse/artpad away and get's some good acryl :))
     hot: they dont draw them.. they rip them!
     uni : I just did... and I have been called lame for what I do, but that is
    lower than low, I am prouder of what I do now than I have ever been ...
     If we compare what I do to music, I am True hip hop style... people in that
    gallery are Vanilla ICe :)
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     [psionic] I gotta think of a good info line..
     Made is nothing but a faker.. he should be banned from competitions. ..
    * aap-acme feels surrounded by losers today
     uni : you WISH you could draw like made :))
    <|Danny|> Vanilla Ice.. hahahha.. the biggest sucker in the music scene.. :)
     please do NOT talk crap.. MADE is not a faker..
     uni: erm.. now that's going a bit far.. 
     Vanilla ice, he's now running a bike shop at Miami beach :))
    * aap-acme thinks it is time for an ass-kicking BOT.. get rid of the losers here
     assa: i can.. just let me download  anice image and put my handle on it...
     Unz: envy ?
     yep yep this is envy
     hehe.. you ppl make me sick.. :))
     uni : i do not think you GET the idea of doing art.. 
     a handle like univerz wouldn't win you SHIT
    <|Danny|> Univerz: you seem to have quite a strong opinion.. are those opinions based
    on facts you have? ie. Have you seen Made work?
     Made's pic is NOT a 100% copy, it's different only the general idea is not
    a 100% new idea
     assa: i think i have got the ided  of doing ot
     made is no fake.. but we are nothing .. like a real "artist"..
     original art even..
     uni : have you seen made's pics?
    <|Danny|> Hej my brother is back!! :) how are you kenny?
     take  a phat artist like jNa.. he draws everything by hand.. and he wins
    parties by that.. thats an artist!..
    * HoTWire is eating one moment!!
     danny: my love..:)
     computer art is allways a bit of faking, cuz it's hard to see who did a
    copy and who did the orginal
     assa: yes.. at the copy archive..-
    <|Danny|> Univerz: would you call Boris Vallejo an artist?
     arnt 70% of mades work copys from boris?
     it is.. and it sucks..
     Digital Art is the way forwards... re that article by the guy from Pulse
    and Haplo on what COMPUTEr art is...
     il b back..
     psi : no no 70% of scene is copy from someone else and not admitted!
     Why do all pics have to be orginal, it's a better of what looks good.
    <|Danny|> Univerz: would you call Boris Vallejo an artist?
     HotWire: wer is that article??
     if a pic is a really great LOOKER and it's based upon a canvas, i still like it!
     assa : they do if they are going to call themselves artist and COMPETE in competiton,
    other wise it does not matter...
    *** aap-acme changes topic to "Talent borrows, Genius steals, shit copies"
     louie : it is a little bit down on the list from the Danny interview!
     HotWire: okej..
     Assa : GFX Competition should be No Copy/No Scan   
     aap: then made, danny, ra and the rest is shit!
     You're an artist based upon your IDEA and attitude.. does not matter if you're
    a pixeller or a guy who makes statues by using SHIT etc..
     Uni : danny?  nah full of shit  ;))
     hotwire : but impossible to inforce such rules..
    <|Danny|> I believe univerz is ignoring my question guys..
     univerz, only when you give me the exact same picture in 256 or 32 colors!
     assa : guess so, not actually what I ment, worded badly!
     Well i do art school and most stuff i do and what other call art, has NOTHING
    to do with computers..
     Psi : should be on the heart of the artist, and seems many sceners are heartless...
     gfx compo could be ANYTHING.. let the people decide
     but it's possible to do ART by using a computer.
     assa : hehe
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     [rodneytbl] Rodney / The Black Lotus     Graphician
    *** lOUIE sets mode: +o rodneytbl
     i think every one artist must retouch one pic just for himself and learningg
    (with shadows ,light etc.) but not release that . 
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    <|Danny|> Ronnieboj!! Fetmonkey!
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     [Gp7] GREENINGS to ALL!!!!! :)
    *** assa-acme sets mode: +o Gp7
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     gp7 it's fine to copy and stuff as practice.. but to enter a competition and
    for development of your own style.. it is a bit lame...
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    <|Danny|> Unreal: moon me... ;)
     Unreal ! :)
     hot: its lame to practice too.. its better to find your own style.. thats
    what art is alla bout. ..
     well release it.. who cares.. art is in the eye of the beholder!
     Danny! :)
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     htw, you didn't get what DR is about
     if you can copy why bother doing original pieces
     rodney!! how was your skiing ??
     Moonreal: AWESOME :D  
     hi hotwire
     uni : no thats shit ... if you are practicing technique you need a reference,
    everyone does, or perspective and shit would be impossible to learn...
     MoonReal: How was TP?
     hi all
     Aap : I know Exactly what DR are about...
     3da: erm are the pics on the tp report supposed to be broken atm..??
     rodney : as a party, it SUCKED.. only good thing was I met lots of people
    (eg. Louie :)
     Moonreal, GREAT demo anyway :)
     htw, no you don't..  art is the reflection of the society we live in..
    and can only be judged by the eye that sees it.. 
     aap : so whats that got to do with some on practicing technique?
     rodney : thanks :)) 
     hi mooreal
     htw, it has got to do with delivering a picture in any form, by using
    any source.. to compos.. and you do not need practise for art.. 
     Moonreal, well, as usual theparty sucked, I only go there to meet
    up with some old friends and go to pubs or something. the parties its self are usually boring
     GP7, hey!
     aap : bollocks.. I what to draw a house for use on a web page say,
    I need it to have depth I NEED to know how perspective works so I can get the
    image out of my head and look how I want it to look
     Hot: what u about ?
     htw, no, you need to understand how the package you are using to
    recreate that picture works.. 
    * assa-acme is off... doing some art :)))
    <|Danny|> cyassa
    *** assa-acme has quit IRC (Peer reset by connection.)
    *** dineS (durrenbe@173-104-197.ipt.aol.com) has joined #pixel
     htw, your mind might not even show you the picture of the house with all
    the correct perspective and lighting it SHOULD have... THAT is called art
     aap : say I need to show a customer what their album art work is going to
    look like, but it is only half finished on the computer I can draw them a quick sketch..
    for that I need to know about technique, to practice technique I gotta be shown,  but what
    I'm saying is that is not the art, technique is Not the art.. the art is the image.. dammit!!!
    <|Danny|> guys.. could we talk about something else please... 

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