TP7 "realtime report"

by 3D Addict

    The following party "report" was written during The Party'97 as things happend.Only some slight modifications have been made later.


    Time ca.18.00

    At about 18.00 me and my buddy arrived at the party place.At that time only hall one was made avaiable to sceners, as the other two halls were under preperation.After receiving a TP companion and our table places, we begun to unpack our equipment.

    time: 20.33
    Ok, there are 19hrs to the official opening.Hall 1 is allready 20% full and the network connection is allready working(hall 1).The Big screen is showing a big The Party logo, the same as from the first page on over the place you can see TP staff wearing blue and orange t-shirts working on various things such as network connections in hall 2 and 3 and testing the big screen + lights at the stage.I'm sitting at a table placed very close to the main entry between hall1 and 2, which is just about 50 meters from the big screen.



    A constant stream of sceners arrive at the party place all the time.All halls gets more filled up.


    The very first delay.The opening ceremony was supposed to be at 15.00 but got excluded to 19.00.Some places power shortcuts accured.The organaizers also announced that there is a power problem.

    time ca20.00 - The Party "Power not included?" (unplugged version)

    At about this time most of the power went off, except from the main lights.A bit later it was announced that the power will be back within approximately 2-3 hrs.A few minutes later there was no power what so ever at the whole party place.In order to avoid complete darkness, the organaizers opened the main side entrances wide open and let some trucks light in with their head lights turned on.Some people begun sleeping, but a lot was simply wondering around the dark party place.Some places, candle lights were lighten.(just think about what computer freaks take with them to a party?)


    The power is Back!Gradually, every row of tables gets power back, accompanied by loud appplauses.All deadlines got moved respectively.


    The opening ceremony starts with a slow tune with video shots from last years tp and ends with a videomix consiting of various wild demos.Finally the party7 have officially started.A "bit" delayd, but we can't have a real party without surprises.(maybe the organaizers weren't sure if there will be enough power this year, so very wisely, they have choosen the "Batteries not included" as a subtitle).


    The Body crash Coca Cola compo was completely unbelivable, as Pinochio beat his own record from TP4! At The Party94 he managed to drink a 1,5L Coca Cola in 47 seconds.This year he did it in 43(!) and again he won a full case of cola. The Rave1997 have strted as well.This time being placed very well by the organizers, as the Rave party took place in a room between hall 2 and 3.

    (Pinochio at TP4)

    Trace compo.About 40 contributions were displyaed on the big screen, out of which about 10 were of good quality.The rest was rather dissapointing.The audienience was also one of the smallest, means it consisted of about 30-40ppl.The applauses were very few and rather short.

    time:11.30 Pixel compo.Delayed for about 2,5hrs.The audience was much bigger here, thoug. There were about 100 contributions.As last year, compo fuck ups accured, one lasted for about 30 mins.Lots of nice looking pis were shown, but as usual, it's hard to tell the real quality on the big screen. Some pics were shown with wrong file names.


    the pc compo.Artistically speaking there was one demo which coused my attention.It was a demo from Lemon by Alex and Unreal.The whole demo was a realtime animation.I highly recommend to see this demo.


    Wildemo.Only few wild demos were good.Znorc from Impact dK created a very short (90seconds), but technically impressive demo.The most spectacular effect in here was a waterfall, which looked quite real on the bigscreen.Another wilddemo which coused my attention was a creation of JTR and his schoolmates.Especially the scene where an alien kills a human being is very original and fun to watch.Otherwise there was an ok animation by XTC, Alex(Lemon) and a lego animation(I don't remember the titel or author).The rest was _very_ dissapointing.There were about 15 contributions.


    Amiga demo.I have only slept for only 2hrs since I got here, so I won't write much more...


    Prizegiving and endig ceremony.

    get more party pics

    here are the unofficial TP7 results:

    Amiga Demo:
    1) Scoopex & Haujobb
    2) CNCD
    PC Demo:
    1) Pulse
    2) Blasphemy
    3) Polky
    4) Moppi p..
    5) Pulse
    Amiga 4k:
    1) Azure/Artwork
    PC 4k:
    2) Breeze
    Amiga 40k Intro:
    1) Antibyte/Scoopex
    2) Abyss
    3) Oxyron
    PC 40k Intro:
    1) TBL
    2) Tpolm
    3) purple
    Graphics Compo:
    1) Seth/fudge
    2) kidloge/Haujobb
    3) Tmk/inf
    4) cyclone/abyss
    1) Zixaq/Ephidrena
    C64 Demo:
    1) AEG&DCP/Smashed
    JAVA Demo:
    1) isvartk/prone
    2) jugi/complex
    3) klorathy/Ram Jam (=Randy/Ram Jam)

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