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    The following article was originally written for RAW 9(1995), now dead but once one of the most popular Amiga disk-mags.As a great surprise I can announce it now, that there will soon be an exclusive interview with Lazur, with a huge gallery of his, here on GFXZone :)

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UP & COMING: Lazur / Nah Color / TRSI

by Mount and Disty

After showing his talent in various graphics competition the Polish TRSI-artist Lazur proved a big talent with his high quality slideshow, SUN, in the beginning of 1995. And he is already planning a sequal in the near future.

Tomasz Pietek is the civil name for the man who in front of his computer turns into Lazur when grabbing the magic pixel pen. He started his scene carreer in Union and later TPDL. Then he joined TRSI Poland but from the summer is in the newformed Nah-Kolor, a division of TRSI.

Polish graphicians always had a very bad reputation because of the low quality. Only the at the moment rather inactive Seq, Animal and now Lazur have been able to gain international respect. One of the reasons could be drawing technique. That is a place where Lazur is tending to go the ways of succesful artists in western Europe. But the secret is that he doesn't have any specific technique.

"I don't want to describe my drawing technics here, because it's different for every picture. I don't draw my pictures pixel by pixel. I often use transparent, smooth and dither functions from Brilliance v2.0."

Lazur mostly paints fullscreen pictures as he hates making logos. He prefers high resolution and many colours too so he can feel free to be creative. But the more pixels to set, the more time it takes to finish a picture.

"Drawing pictures such as 'Marysia' or 'Stary buk' took me 2 weeks. For example TV set from SUN took me just one day. Everything depends on resolution, quantity of colors and that what are you drawing."

Paint or die...

'Drawing maniac' is a word you can't help saying when hearing how much time he spends on improving his skill and create impressive graphics.

"I better describe my day. I wake up in the morning and go to school till 14:00 or 15:00. When I come back, I sit down in front of my Amiga, and I turn it off at 22-23. If I eat something during this time I can call myself lucky (this is main reason behind my thin body). Generally, all that time I spend drawing. Weekends I spend with Amiga all days long. In 1994 year I drew 23 fullscreen AGA pictures, a lot of logos, and other stuff. This spring I drew 10 fullscreen pictures and a little above 10 logos. Speaking about speed - I don't know if I'm drawing fast... I'm just drawing, that's all."

When the light of the SUN stroke

The slideshow SUN was supposed to be ready around autumn '94 but the relase date was moved many times because of coder troubles. Finally after joining TRSI the promised slideshow was released.

"Design was done in the easy way for every (even stupid) coder", Lazur admits but adds:
"That was just because I wanted it to be released as fast as possible. Finally, rest of the graphics where choosen from my 1994 works. The graphics especially for SUN took me just one week."

Though most artists would be more than happy to have a slideshow released, Lazur had a bad taste in his mouth when seeing the spreaded version.

"My slideshow SUN was released without my permission. Every picture in interlace mode is totally fucked up! If there's anybody who saw SUN please don't judge me with those pictures."
After SUN, Lazur also made the graphics for Dreamer's musicdisk.

Never won a competition

Despite good motifs and technique, Lazur has yet not managed to get to the very top in a graphics competition. But he has been very close:
'Marysia' came second at the first Intel Outside party. 'Stary Buk' came also second, but this time on the Primavera II party, also in Poland. Finally there was 'Folx-Vagen Golf', which ended third at the SIH this summer in Holland. Especially his contribution to the party in Holland with three boozing men was of very high and clear quality but still the Polish artist has to wait to get his victory.

The future brings more slidehows

Chart placements is not what the quite newcomer Lazur is putting most of his ambitions into.

"At the end of this year I want to relase a new slideshow on four disks which should be good designed and harddisk installable. Ofcourse this is only what I dream of, and I'm not sure if I make it."

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