[ We decided to start putting some older gfx related articles from various old but now dead diskmags(if possible, with their authors permission of course). The main reason for this, is that it's a great pity that so many good and interesting articles end up forgotten forever.Older articles show a bit of a scene history.They can show us how graphicians were doing back then, describe old trends, happenings and even drawing techniques as well as the usual scenish gossip from the old days.Furthermore, many topics of old articles are just as actual today as they were back then.I'm sure that many of you will find these articles interesting, entertaining and even nostalgic.If you have some older gfx releated articles please feel free to mail them to us ]

The following article was originally written for Demojournal #61 (October 1999), a cool and kicking newsletter. You can subscribe to Demojournal by mailing demojournal@planet-d.net with the subject "subscribe".

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                                Who the f*uck is Das?

          Well, i have read in the dj#59, that our US friend Pyromaniac's
        favourite graphician is still Das of Shock! (lately Chrome)
        Why doesn't anyone know him? Why is he still unreachable via
        e-mail, IRC, or any other way? It seems that only one man knows the
        secret: Atx of Chrome. (And maybe me. :)
          I try now to tell the story of Das, and after that there will still
        be unanswered questions are comming.
          Das... in the past, he was the ONE. (Not Neo. ;)) The only one
        quality graphician of Hungary. He came from the dust, and now away
        in the dawn... There was no Xtro (Filler), Enok, Blackhand, Warpig
        or Inferno at that time. Rack/Majic12 was the only one and REAL
        hungarian concurent of the mighty Das/Absolute! Yes, you understand
        right, he isn't from our nice country, he is from Finland! Atx met
        him at Assembly 1994, when some of the hungarian fellows, and groups
        were present at the party. (groups like: Phantom Design - later
        Shock! or the last placed demos creator Damons - later Mandula
        [uhh. Rod will kill me. ;)]) And Atx met a dissapointed and
        disqualified graphician... he was Das of Absolute PC. His picture
        wasn't selected for the top 15. But they changed snail mail adresses,
        and become good friends. They sent Xmas cards to eachother too, love,
        peace and unity. UNITY! Phantom Design hadn't got a good graphician.
        Atx was in one group (Absolute PC) with Das. And these people made a
        historical moment: Shock! - hungary's best known, and most active
        group born! Great victories have come in several graphic
        competitions, and lot of good demos ... that was the marriage with
        Das/Atx and Shock. But one thing never changed, only Atx had the
        contact with the superb graphician. Even other Shock members didn't
        knew him. Lot of good rankings, and nobody knew him? The first rumors
        started then. Some of the hungarian sceners still think that Das is
        hungarian, and he is Atx's dad! Well if you check in the phone book
        of Budapest, you can see next to Atx's father the profession:
        painter-graphician. He really made that "cheat" that a professional
        entered an  amateur competition? I think not. But who knows? ;)
        Naturally some sceners have seen the real oil versions of Das's art
        in Budapest's X and Y Gallery. But they were just envious, and talked
        crap. And when Shock ended up carreer, Das followed Atx to his new
        group: Chrome, showed his last picture in the demo "Plastik" and
        after that nobody heard anything from him again.
          Atx told me that Das ended school, and after his final exams he is
        painting, and illustrating books. They haven't contacted since 1996
        autumn. No postcard, no phonecalls, nothing.
          But i know the real(?) snailmail adress of Jussi Kaakinen. (Thats
        his real name.) Because i hope that Das will work on the "Berlin"
        demoproject too, and after much-much talk Atx finally gave me the
        adress of Das. But i will not share it with you. I promised.
        (Maybe i'll force Droid/Haujobb to meet him one time, and talk
        realtime  about  the demo, because i think that just an invitation
        on paper isn't enough...)

          Now the interresting question:
          Ok, he lives in Finland... I talked with much .fi sceners, and
        they were really wondering when i said that he is from Finland...
        Why wasn't he never on a .fi party (except(?) Assembly '94)?!?
        Why entered he his pics every time ONLY with Atx?!? (means, only
        hungarian parties, + the party 96.) And we could ask some more

          If anyone of you dear demojournal readers know some other facts,
        or ever met Das personally please write back! (Hahho .fi readers!
        I hope you know something...)
          Was ist das? DAS. MOST WANTED. $1000 ;)
          Btw.  did you know that Finns and Hungarians were one nation
        in the past? Maybe we must find the answer here...

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