Interview with DevilStar

by 3D Addict

    Remeber Devilstar?The Danish graphician who vanished from the scene some years ago?Well, hi's back in his native land, after some years in Germany where he worked as a game graphician.And you know what?He is planning a come back!

    3D Addict


    Please introduce yourself.

    Jesper Eskildsen, I'm 26 and live in Copenhagen/Denmark. I work for a company called ITE (Interactive Television Entertainment) Making games for TV, Hugo, Neck&Throut (for MTV) etc etc.

    How nice :)Please describe yourself as a person.Are you a cool type of a guy or more funny one?Do you take life seriously or are you more relaxed and live the life without thinking much about the future?

    Hummm... hard to say about oneself, But I try to be cool, haha.. I mean I try to get as many girlies as possible (right now I have 3 NICE ones(Nathali, Lena and Pernille) haha... I buy alot cool clothing, Expensive clothing! (fuck) and work also as a bartender (cool trick to get girls) haha... Well ofcorse I try to be funny but I don't know if I'm like u know, a really funny dude!! I think about the future but I think you should live your life right now, meaning do what you want, and do it now!!!!

    "Live the life now".That's may motto too :)hmm, do you remember your first computer? And what computer do you use now?Do you also miss the the good old days of c64 and A500?

    My first computer was a ZXSpectrum (with the classic 48K expansion :) Now I only work on Sillicon gfx Machines (Alias/Wavefront software). And yes yes yes I miss the good old days ALOT! Just the other day I got Invited to a Computer party by an old friend (HI MR.HYDE/PSG) of mine and wow ofcoz I wanted to go there, until I saw the Invitation...... NOT ONE REAL COMPETITION, only Doom, Quake, Red alert, Etc. Etc. Competitions... I mean what the fuck is going on... people still have groups.. but its only people who play together and then form a gang! Strange times right ?!?

    I sure do :) Well, big parties do have the usual compos.I can assure you on that.Anyway, how and when did you become involved in the scene and when did you start drawing?

    Well a friend of mine told me that Amigas was on sale and cheap, and that he had a lot of games that I could get. So I got myself one and played some games, then one day I got a program called DPAINT (Anybody know this prg.?!?:) I've been drawing on paper etc. for most of my life and therefore I got interested in Dpaint and started drawing small pictures, not long after that an old class mate (hi Dize/TSL) Dize/Bonzai told me I could get in Bonzai (C64 at that time) but nothing was released.Then I met a guy JohnDoe/Silents dk. and we started designing a demo for Tsl (Demon Download) but It got fucked up pretty good! but After that I was in the charts and hooked on gfx.!

    Well, I know that you have been working as a game graphician in Germany for some years.Tell me, how different it is when making gfx for a game rather then for yourself.

    Well its nice to make game gfx, its harder (You don't get so much time as with demo gfx.) but same time you get more feedback. and ofcoz you get payd! haha

    How and when did you got the job, anyway?

    I replied for a job at a COOL little game team called BrainBug in Denmark, but at the time I got the job The team was brought by German company called Funsoft, so I had the choice of no job or a job in Germany... hehe...

    :)I see.Which games have you been working on?

    well I made gfx for:

    1: FullThrotle (Pc/German ver. only)
    2: Targa (Rendering Ranger Jap. title) (Snes)
    3: BattelTech (Pc)
    4: War Inc. (Pc)
    5: Imperium Romanum (Pc)
    6: Earthworm Jim I (Pc)
    7: Earthworm Jim II (Pc)
    8: Burning Road (PSX)
    9: Hugo the Tv troll (TV/Pc)
    10: Neck & Throut (Game for MTV) (TV ver. only yet)
    11: Tuborg ( Game for Tuborg (beer:)) (Tv)

    and ofcoz alot more small stuff!

    WOW!That's quite a lot.You told me, that you are now doing a lot of 3D gfx, but have you abandoned 2D > completely?

    NOPE! I'm still doing a bit! not much, but its good still to be one of the pixel dudes, not many of my co-workers can do that!

    Hehe :) Do you make any gfx for yourself in your free time?

    Yes I make alot 3d anims and stuff, thats the good thing about demo gfx. is that you can make what ever you want, when you make game gfx. you have to follow the concept of the game, and thats not fun every time!

    Which of your own scene images do you consider as the best one and which was the most difficult to draw?(if you remember)

    Well I myself like best the Party 1994 poster one, but thats also because its 100% own drawn and also ONLY WHEN I WAS STONED!!!!

    Here we have Devilstar(center)holding the The Anarchy Award 1994, which he received on behalf of all The Party'94 organaizers at SIH'95

    haha, :)You have started the No Copy deal during your active scene years.What maked you do that, as you have done quite many redraws yourself?

    Well, when I started out on Amiga drawing, I was sick to see ONLY Boris V. Picture redraws, And also I think that ALL graphicians HAVE prove that they can think for them self, I mean alot of graphicians say he have a COOL style and nice style and stuff, but style are a matter of what's on your mind when you make the picture or get the idea! I mean what would you say if you saw a Picasso redraw in a museum? Just because we are a new style of Artists (computer gfx.) doesn't mean we can copy normal artists work. I think its OK to copy and its a time saver thats right, but just do your own once in a while! So we can get more accepted by normal people!

    Accepted by normal people?hmm, I thought we are kinda normal ppl too :)Neverless, I know that you have been away from the scene for some time now, but who were your favourite graphicians back then?

    Humm hard to remember but I remember...

    Ra/Sainty (Fucking cool technique)
    Dize/Silents (Nice Grafitti ideas, and style)
    Michael balle/Silents (Just the best there ever was)
    Archmage/Andromeda (Technique the best)
    JohnDoe/Silents (His Ideas was just to fucking awesome)
    Fairfax/Andromeda (Cool techniquel, and alot releases)
    R.W.O/Kefrens (Copying master hehe, but a nice guy)
    Motion/Balance (tracer at that time, and a GOOD one)
    Connor/Balance (Not so good at that time but now his the king)
    Toastmaster (speaks for himself, the crazy dude with the wildhores pic.)
    Seen/Melon (little guy, but a BIG ATTITUDE)
    Jade/Lemon (one of the best ever, not much copying and good technique)
    Facet/Lemon (Mister Boris V. himself, but showed he was good later on)

    WOW, you do remember many of the oldtimers.Did you had any favourite groups, musicians, coders, diskmags?Favourite demo?

    Well groups was:

    Silents DK.
    Virtual Dreams
    Polka B.

    Musicians was:

    Julius / Polka B.
    Heatbeat / VD
    Jesper Kyd / TSL DK.
    Nuke / ?
    Slide / Polka B.

    Uaaa its hard there was so many awesome dudes! (Sorry for who I forgot)

    Coders argh... well

    Spy&Deftronic / Crionics
    Laxity / Polka B.
    Airwalk / Polka B.
    Skull / VD.
    Alien / VD.
    Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde / Andromeda
    Hannibal / Lemon.
    Dan / Lemon.
    Crush&Ricky / Silents

    You certainly have a good memory :)Btw, have you ever considered a comeback?It sure could be great having DevilStar doing some killer 3D stuff for a trace compo :)

    Ofcoz I have thinking about it, and I also started, but It takes a LOOOONG time, and when You work everyday with making gfx, Its hard to keep going on the same project for a longer time! so not so much gets finished!

    OK, lets leave the scene for a while.What are your free time interests/hobbies?

    Well there are many but number UNO are: SNOWBOARDING!!!!! check out "Motions" homepage to see him and me snowboard haha.... Oil Painting, drawing, claying, etc.

    Well, I have never done any snowboarding, but I would like to try it sometime.It really looks great on tv.Ok, who is your favourite artist outside the scene?

    I have four, thats it!:

    1 Leonardo da Vinci
    2 Michael Angelo
    3 Rembrant
    4 MC Escher

    If you should describe in only one sentence: What is the meaning of life?

    Fucking a beautiful girlie on a snowboard!!!

    :D hehe, One last question: how did you come up with your handle/alias?

    Well, me and some another dude made this graffiti gang called Devilstar, so after we stopped that and I started making comp.gfx. I just kept that name for my self! hehe

    Ok.Would you like to say Hello to anyone?

    Yes yes.... Hi to: Dize,Crush,Ricky,Scortia,Tha,Skull,Alien,Johndoe,Playmate,Zinko,Mount,Slide,Airwalk,Laxity,Connor,Archmage,R.W.O., Mr.hyde(PSG),Deathknight,Jake,Zion,slammer,Hannibal,Stripe,Tom,Ulrik Henriksen,Ole Mogensen,Soeren Lund,Jesper Olsen,Troels Gram, Psycho,Diablo of Budbrain + Bo Krohn, Thomas Bay, All in Polba Brothers, All in Virtual Dreams, Neil/FLT, Sam Nova, Zaniness(Kongen), Mark Gregory, Frank and graham at Alias, chemical Kenzo, Manfred Trenz, Motion, Tactica, Ultimate Warrior, Jesper Kyd, Michael Balle, and all I've forgot coz I 100% forgot somebody! :)

    You definitely have a great memory :)Thank you for your time, and best of all in your carrier as a graphician. :)

    No prob man, ciao ciao! :)

    check out DevilStar gallery

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