irc Interview with MRK


    The following interview with MRK was done on irc, by Java.

    Getting down to it with MRK.
    [java] First I want you the introduce yourself to the readers.
    [MRK] Uhm... Tough one. ..
    [MRK] Born in 1977... a good year..
    [MRK] Been a scener since 1991... Started pixelling in 92..
    [MRK] Quite lazy from time to time, and... I hate demo-coders.... yeah thats about it..:D
    [java] You hate democoders? Why is that ?
    [MRK] uhm, I was not entirely serious .. But they frustrate you quite a bit from time to time..
    [java] So, why am I interviewing YOU ?
    [MRK] I dunno.... 
    [java] Well I do, I am doing it since you are one of the best scene artists around.
    [java] What is your main interest in the scene?
    [MRK] It used to be the major fun of making demos. But that has been quite boring these days.
    [MRK] I never get the oppurtunity to work with a focused and dedicated coder..
    [MRK] These days it's mostly a good oppurtunity to boost my ego, and a good excuse for
     laming around with my beloved amiga
    [MRK] and the creative process of drawing a pic OFCOURSE!
    [java] If you got the chance of working with a free-of-choice coder, who would it be ?
    [MRK] Doesn't matter really.. Someone dedicated and focused enough to make good demos..
    [MRK] Skize/Limited edition is all that.. Except from the fact that he does it on amiga..
    [java] Some claim that you are the best swedish graphic artist ever, what do you say about that?
    [MRK] From his/her point of view.. True ofcourse... But not if you ask me.
    [MRK] I'd reccon Prowler or some guy here at UDS
    [java] How do  your everyday life look like?
    [MRK] WORK!
    (Javas note: Mrk is a real Workoholic)
    [java] How do you squeeze your toothpaste? From top to bottom or right in the middle?
    [MRK] Top to bottom..
    [MRK] And I never forget the cap
    [java] What is the secret behind your pictures?
    [MRK] Secret, uhm.. How would I know?
    [MRK] Hours of hard work, attention to details... 
    [java] If you look ten years forward, what will you be doing then?
    [MRK] I'll probably work with games. Hopefully designing them.
    [MRK] Somewhere in europe..
    [MRK] Otherwise I'm doing some farming with my father..:D
    [java] What is your opinion about using photos as a references when making your own art ?
    [MRK] First, I don't claim my pictures to be works of art. The demoscene is not about making
     NO-COPY stuff...
    [MRK] But it's ok.. as I do it.
    [java] What do you think of the scene of today?
    [MRK] It's too focused on 3D shit..  It should be about new ideas..
    [MRK] The platform is more or less unimportant I think...
    [java] What is your goal in life?
    [MRK] well.. have fun.. make money
    [java] If you cut a girl in half (right above the navel), which half would you choose? The
     top or the bottom?
    [MRK] I'd choose the top....  I think... Or... Yes... The top....
    [java] Name three scene artists that have made the biggest influence on you?
    [MRK] Ra
    [MRK] Uno
    [MRK] Facet 
    [java] Why them?
    [MRK] All three because of very good old-school styles and pixel-techniques
    [MRK] Ra is unfortunately the only one of them who actually developed his technique to
     something unique
    [java] What would you do if I sang out of tune?
    [MRK] Lend you my ears!!
    [java] How come you got involved in the scene?
    [MRK] The same old...
    [MRK] A friend introduced me to the amiga and the scene... 
    [MRK] I started swapping... 
    [MRK] Mods... nah 
    [MRK] Coding.... tried and failed...
    [MRK] Gfx.... well...  
    [java] Which candybar is you favourite?
    [MRK] It's Brejk! tjofräs
    [java] Which moment in your scene history will you remember the most?
    [MRK] I guess watching the first demo I made...
    [MRK] And winning the compo at Icing 95...  
    [MRK] heaven like....  I think.... or something... perhaps..
    [java] What are you  doing nowadays?
    [MRK] I work... with games.... 
    [MRK] Didn't u know!! ??? :D
    [MRK] U work here aswell!!!
    [java] No, i didnt, .. ehm ..i do? :D
    [java] How fast do you run 100 metres?
    [MRK] uhm.. quite slow..  I think it was around 13 seconds in highschool... should
     have been better.. guh!
    [java] Do you consider yourself as a cool guy?
    [MRK] No, it's damn hot in here! 
    [java] Are you a typical traditional amiga guy that will only make max 256 cols
     pictures or will we see Photoshop truecolor pictures by you?
    [MRK] I've allready made a photoshop-thing .. 
    [MRK] but I prefer the old-style amiga pixels yes... without scanners and shit 
    like that.. but that seems to disappear... :(
    [java] What do you prefer, a hamburger, a pizza or a big plate of ravioli.
    [MRK] hamburger
    [MRK] whopper!
    [java] how high can you jump without any legs ?
    [MRK] high jump: 1.70 m  !!!
    [MRK] and without...   dunno :D
    [java] which one of your own pictures is your personal favourite?
    [MRK] the owl...
    [MRK] without doubt...
    [MRK] took me forever to pixel that one...  all from my head aswell....
    [java] can you picture yourself with a wife and three kids ?
    [MRK] no!! 
    [MRK] I don't do self portraits...
    [MRK] or... perhaps... :D
    [MRK] maybe!
    [java] Do you have any last comments to the readers?
    [MRK] That's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever!
    end of interview
    You can also check MRKs personal homepage at

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