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by 3D Addict

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    Please introduce yourself.

    My real name is Rainer Muehr and I'm living in Berlin for a whole week now :). I'm a studying architecture here and I like this city quite a lot!

    Please describe yourself as a person.Are you a cool type of a guy or more funny one?Do you take life seriously or are you more relaxed and live the life without thinking much about the future?

    I try to take this kind of circus not that seriously ;)

    What was your first computer, and what computer do you use now?Do you also miss the the good old days of c64 and A500?

    My first computer was a A500. I bought that one in 1990. Lateron I sold it to get one of those upcoming incredible A1200. Yes, this was a "Golden Age" - no doubt. Not only in spite of the scene - the atmosphere was simply different, if you know what I mean..

    I sure do :) How and when did you become involved in the scene and when did you start drawing?

    The first demo ever was "Hardwired". Also if I liked this one very much, I never dreamed of becoming part of that "demo-scene". In late 1993 I visited The Party III (one of my all-time-favourites when it comes to parties) with some friends. In this time I started drawing on computer,too. Anyway, unfortunately I had to do my examina and my army-job directly after this. So it was middle of 1995 when I start to draw more than a few pixel a week.

    Ok, which hardware/software do you use for drawing, and where do you get the inspiration from?

    Hardware/Software: an expanded A1200 and Brilliance is everything I need. The inspiration comes from everything I consume: music, videos, movies, etc.

    How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer, and how many of those hours are used on making gfx?

    My studies & my friends take most of my time ;). Usually I draw within some months more and in some less - perhaps 3 to 10 hours a week. It depends on the project, e.g. compo-pictures take me 2-3 weeks. Anyway I don't like drawing all night long, exept on parties.

    When drawing, do you have a perfect vision in your mind or do you draw more freely, by letting your image evolve in whatever direction you may feel like it.

    Most of my pictures are copies, so the image is ready when I start to draw in most cases. The search for the right motiv takes me a lot of time. I'm always looking for a motiv, that has something special, a kind of mood if you want..

    How long does it take to draw a good picture for you, and what are the most important aspects of making a great image?

    2-3 weeks. As mentioned before I don't like to sit in front of the monitor for the whole day. Proportions, light and dithering (also if I'm not using "stylish" dithering) are the most important.

    What do you find the most difficult to draw, and which phase of your drawing do you enjoy most. Personally I like mostly making the finishing touches when the image is about 95% complete.

    I never met ANY scener, no matter if graphician, coder or musician, that didn't liked the "final" part of his/her work mostly. So do I :)

    Ok :) do you use any special techniques.Which drawing tools and techniques do you use mostly.

    ;)) Hehe not much to report. Okay, most parts in my pictures are still pixeled, some usage of more "basic" functions of brilliance, nothing special.

    Which of your own images do you consider as the best one and which was the most difficult to draw?

    In my case nothing is that difficult (copies only take the time to create them ;)). The best one: hmmm "Meat Puppies" is one of my favourites, but to be honest, I like every one of my last four full-screens ("Nebula Alpha", "And If I fail?", "Meat Puppies" and "Boheme 29").. ;)



    Tell me, is drawing in 8 bit color mode a limitation or a challenge for you?

    Challenge. "Work with the media!" is one of my mottos :)

    What do you think about raytracing?

    I have no problem with that form of art. Unfortunately not many good pictures around. Mixed techniques can look very awesome, too. I like especially the work of Kube/CNCD.

    ....and what about redrawing?

    As you perhaps noticed I did not much "Originals", yet :). A picture has not necessary to be a good one, because it is originally drawn or a bad one because it is copied. There is not much black-white in this world, sorry ;)

    Being an active scener for some time now, you must have seen a lot of pics made by other graphicians.Who is your favourite graphician?

    I have not one clear favourite, just a couple of names, whose work I admire: Cyclone, Made, Phase, Niko, Ra, Destop, Rendall, Facet, Hof.

    Do you have any favourite groups, musicians, coders, diskmags?Favourite demo?

    Nooon, CNCD. Groo, Supernao, Yolk. Sharon, Digisnap, Genghis. ROM. Deep.

    What are your future party plans, are you heading for Remedy'97 or Weird'97, other parties?

    TP 7 for sure. No party this summer, I guess..

    What does the scene mean to you, and which aspects do you like/dislike about it?

    Meeting people from all over europe, consuming creative work and find some rare friends among them - that's it. :D

    Arrogance to newcomers is one thing I hate.

    m2 :)Have you ever considered a carrier as a professional graphician?(If you are already a professional graphician tell a little about you work)

    Nope, hope to keep hobby and work as different parts of my life.

    What are your other interests/hobbies, besides your scene activities?

    Experiencing Berlin's Nightlife together with my friends and architecture of course are important for me. Creativity does exist in many different parts of our life :))

    Who are your favourite artists outside the scene?

    H.R.Giger and Bill Sienkewicz.

    Do you believe in God?What is the meaning of life?

    To become a well-equipped toaster, finally would be a lot :D

    ;)One last question: how did you come up with your handle/alias?

    No comment ;)

    Would you like to say Hello to anyone?


    hehe, thank you for your time, and best of all in your future plans as a graphician. :)

    Thx, allright ;))

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