by inferno/exceed/quad

    inf - inferno/exceed/quad
    rdy - rodney

    inf - Please introduce yourself, and tell us something about your groups.

    rdy - Me, Rodney, graphics artist deluxe! :) 21 years old, and not that active on the "scene" anymore, just enjoy watching what others can do. Lost my "scene" interest when I started working 8 hours a day with computers... sure is more than enough. My groups? Ok, here goes, started in Nova headed on to Lego (Amiga) and Logic Design (PC) and finally ended up in TBL.

    inf - When did you get your first computer and what is your config now?

    rdy - First one was an Amiga 500, today I use an A1200 with some extra mem and stuff, but it's just there collecting dust nowdays. I don't have a PC on my own, I get it from work and now I use two PC's. One PII 300Mhz and the other PC is used with a PSX devkit.

    inf - When did you start to draw on computer?

    rdy - I started to draw on computer when I was about 13 years old, but I've been drawing since I was a little kid.

    inf - Why did you become a graphician?

    rdy - Computers were something new and unknown, and when I found Deluxe Paint I got stuck with it =)

    inf - ;) How much time do you need to make a cool picture?

    rdy - That's very different... Pixelled in 640x512 it took about 50-80 hours, but with Photoshop about 20-50 hours.

    inf - Are you against truecolor gfx?

    rdy - Oh no, it's the best thing that ever happened to digital graphics artists.

    inf - ;) How much time do you spend with graphics a day?

    rdy - Just about 8 hours and sometimes more, depends on deadlines etc.

    inf - Do you have any special drawing-technique?

    rdy - Yeah, well, every artist has his personal style wether its a copied style or not. Mine is not very specific though. Various people inspire me.

    inf - Is making gfx just a hobby for you, or is it more?

    rdy - Used to be a hobby, but nowdays it's more like hobby and work.

    inf - Do you have any other hobbies?

    rdy - Yeah, but not many. Doing some photographing when I get a few moments from work. Doing somesport activities for fun aswell, just to get rid of that computer stommach. =)

    inf - How and when did you get to the Scene?

    rdy - I found demos on BBS's which inspired me so I went to demo parties with friends, and one day we decided to do something on our own. I was about 14 or 15 when I started probably.

    inf - Who are your favourite graphicians?

    rdy - I really don't have favourite artists in the scene, more like real artists drawing for magazines etc. i.e David McKean. (he made Black Orchid and Arkham Asylum) Really talented guy. But guys that are good at the scene and worth mentioning are the usual ones. Cougar, Danny, Louie, Facet, Destop, Ra, Lowlife etc.

    inf - What's your favourite demo? Whose works do you like?

    rdy - I really don't know, there are a few that are really good both on PC and Amiga. Cncd made a couple of really good ones like Closer, Deep Psilosybin Remix (or whatever it was) on Amiga, and Inside on PC. Orange and Pulse are also really good. I really like Unreal's stuff. Oh! And not to forget the old silents guys, Jesper Kyd and Mikael Balle, the Spy etc. Hardwired was way cool back then :)

    inf - What are your plans for the nearest future?

    rdy - My plans, to finish our game "Rally Masters" on schedule and visit my favourite girl - Victoria - in Germany.

    inf - Is there anything you want to say to the readers? Greetings or things like that?

    rdy - Oh! I like this part =) A few oldskool greetings goes to the following: Nike,Spide,JBM/Craze Unreal,Destop,Yolk/Cncd Scorpic/Pulse Andy Davidsson,Tony Senghore,Stefan Boberg,Martyn Brown,Rory Little/Team17 Chris Blyth/ILM Fndr,Spite/Sonic Clique. MRK/UDS All digital illusions lads, all in Nova, some people in Virtual Dreams, all in #pixel and finally all TBL monkeys.. huh! I forgot loads but never mind...

    inf - Thanks for the interview! ;)

    rdy - ... Scorpik (I spelled him wrong ;)

    rdy - Yeah, ok... cheers!

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