Interview with Stripe

by 3D Addict

    Here it is, an exclusive interview with the man behinde all The Party events - Per Moeller, or to os, Stripe.Find out what are his plans for the future.Will there be a TP'97?

    3D Addict


    Here we go!

    Hang on, I'll just light a Prince and put on some music.....ok!

    You are the founder and the main organiser of all the The Party events. Since the very first one, held in dec. 1991 in Aars, The Party has become the most popular, and also the biggest scene computer event ever. What are your thoughts about that, and have you also ever considered the fact, that you are one of the main reasons that the scene grew so big?

    Well, The Party really proves that if you work really hard on realising your dreams, then they CAN come true. Organizing is everything, if I didn't have a great team of people behind me who shares the same dream it would never have been possible. As to the scene, I'm only happy that we have been able to contribute to it in the way that we can. Most of us can't code, do graphics or music, so this is our contribution to the scene. The scene is so much more than one really can imagine, therefor it's quite important to me. If it wasn't for The Party, I wouldn't have had a great job today, and I know the same goes for a lot of sceners.

    You have been involved in the scene since 1990, and been a member of Rebels and later Silents.What was the proudest moment in your career, and which period do you consider as the best one?

    The proudest moment.....29/12-96 around 13:30, the best TP ever had just ended and things had been going sooooo great. It's a great feeling to watch more than 3000 people go crazy. And I just need to say thanx to all the people who came up to me after TP6 had ended and said thanx for the party. That's allmost better than sex...:-)

    What are your favourite scene musicians, graphicians, groups?

    Hmmm....too many to choose from.....well, I guess Peachy is my favorit graphician. I like his style. Music....well...I have to say a bit Chris hčllsbeck and a bit Bjoern Lynne (Dr. awsome). As to group, There's no doubt....Polka Brothers! - they are just too wiered.

    Organising such big events as The Party must require A LOT of work.Where do you find the time to do this and what are the most difficult things to get organised?

    Time...well something like, absolutly no sparetime. Sometime I even need to take a day or two off from work. Too little sleep, way to little boozing etc....then it's possible. It do has it's price to do The Party, but it also has it's rewards. NO I'm not talking about money, then I would have choosen to do something else. The most difficult to get good organizers to work during The Party. The lack of good organizers was why we had to stop The Party. At The Party 1996 we were only 3 people to do all the preparations before The Party. That was way too much work.

    TP'96 is long over, what are your thoughts about it compared to previous The Party events?Are you satisfied with the way TP'96 went on?

    No...(laughing)...well, I guess I'm never satisfied, but aint that the way to improve it... But ok, The Party 1996 was, do doubt, the best and most well organized The Party ever. So it works, we have improved. But ofcourse there were still a lot of things that didn't work out the way we wanted to.

    A lot of people didn't had the chance to vote, because of the new voting system, which required network connection(software/hardware).Is voting on line, during party events, the future, and how safe is it?

    Yep, that was one of the things that didn't quite work out the way we planned. Yes I belive it is the future. It's easier to manage and less work for the organizers = more time for other tasks, and it's quicker. With a fully functional system, one can vote and download the contributions right after the competition has ended and it's possible to vote virtually until the second the prize giving begins. As to safety. Well don't we all know that nothing digital is safe. Anything can be hacked, it's just a question of time and how skilled our programmers are. But I'm willing to bet that no one can hack the voting system before it's too late, so it's quite safe.

    Tell me about the Assembly - Gathering - The Party cooperation, and also how did this worked out at the last TP?

    It didn't. To make a long story short - we tried, we tried and we tried again. But as we got to know the organizers of The Gathering we found out that they were way to un-organized. As to Assembly...well they want to control everything, and we aren't quite ready to lay down yet. So the bottom line is that, we are better of doing Party stuff ourself.

    I've heard that Assembly is going to release a CD Rom from TP'96.When is it going to be released?

    They wanted to yes, but....they set up so many rules about the productions that we didn't think it was a good idea. And on top of that they (as we understood it) would be the only one to earn any money on it. So there's no CD yet. We will however make a CD. We just need to get the files organized first. But keep an eye on our homepage in the near future.

    At the end of TP'96, you gave the impression that The Party events have come to an end.However, there have been some rumours going on about TP'97? Some sceners , who supposedly have spoken to you, are spreading the rumours about TP'97. Now, let's hear it from the man himself. Will there be a TP'97 or not? :)(if there will be, what maked you change your mind?)

    Well, the reason for stopping was the lack of good organizers who wanted to spend most of their time organizing. But during The Party 1996 we found some new people who wants to do just so. So at the Symposium '97 we made it public that there was going to be a The Party '97 and...well lets just say that the sceners there went wild! As to where and what will happend, I can't say yet. We have just begun to work on it, so there's still a long way to go.

    GREAT!! :))
    A question about Summer Party'96.How did you came up with the idea, and will we experience another Summer Party in '97?

    Well, it was an experiment I personally made, and it went wrong. So now I got a couple of years payback time.....But better that, than having the sceners to pay for it. So no, there is no basis for a party in the summer. But we are working towards something special in the future, around the year 2000.....won't say anymore...

    Would you like to say hello to some of your friends?

    Sure, hi!.....Okay, where should I begin....I just want to say hi and thanx to all the people who has been, and is, a part of The Party. And to all the sceners out there, hey! The Party is nothing without you, Thanx!

    Thank you very much for the interview.I appreciate it a lot. :))

    U R welcome!


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