irc Interview with Unreal


    The following interview was done on irc, with a very successful Polish coder - Unreal. Together with Alex, a french graphician, Unreal created one really cool demo - Tribes, a winner of TP7 PC demo compo.

    [3DAddict] are u ready?
    [UNREAL] yo
    [3DAddict] oki, doki
    [3DAddict] well, I have talked to Alex about the Tribe demo, which aslo won TP7 PCdemo competition.Llets talk about it for a while and hear your points of view.
    [UNREAL] alright
    [3DAddict] u did the code right?
    [UNREAL] yes, code is one of the things I've done in the demo.
    [3DAddict] what else did u do?
    [UNREAL] we've directed the demo with Alex, that's enough to say probably
    [3DAddict] hmm, ok, tell me, how did u guys work on Tribe.Did u mail eachother a lot, or was there lots of irc sessions, or both?
    [UNREAL] there were 2 irc sessions.. one was like 10 minutes, other was 1h30 probably.. everything else was email. Lots of emails. TONS of them.
    [3DAddict] well, I certainly do understand that :)
    [3DAddict] anyway, did u guys experienced any difficulties/misunderstandings between eachother while working under such conditions?
    [UNREAL] There was probably one serious thing that we had problem with
    [UNREAL] Music that is
    [3DAddict] please explain :)
    [UNREAL] We (Alex and me) had different ideas for who should do the music.. We wrote lots of kb explaining our points of view, and afterall Alex, who generally is great guy, gave up (he realised I'm really stubborn :) . I must say I adore Alex not only for his graphics, but also for the way he treats people.
    [3DAddict] :) ok, who did the music then(Scorpik?)
    [UNREAL] Scorpik made the main tune. We were supposed to get the other one from Yolk/CNCD (it was supposed to be a PulseMelonCNCD demo), but Yolk and Destop were too busy with their amiga demo so we had to find second module within 3 days.. we chose old module by falcon, and scorpik made a re-mix of it.
    [3DAddict] I see.Well I must admit that the whole demo is a one of a kind :)It catched my attention immediately at tp, eventhough I was half asleep.
    [3DAddict] btw, how did u two guys find eachother.Who did contact who and why?
    [UNREAL] I knew Nam/Melon for some time, and one day Alex came to IRC. I didn't know him but heck! I started the talk.. then there was some blahblah, and after all, I asked Alex to help in Sunflower, but he was really busy, so we didn' do it together. After sunflower, we talked again and I asked maybe we should try something now, and Alex said that that indeed could be interesting
    [3DAddict] I see, who came up with the idea of having a long realtime animation?
    [UNREAL] I suppose we wanted to make a movie
    [UNREAL] One that sees Tribes probably realizes it's more like a movie
    [3DAddict] was it supposed to be for the wilddemo compo, maybe?
    [UNREAL] Alex attends film school, so you can see the touch of real director here. He knows a lot about those things, and you have to admit the shots are quite original as for scene demo
    [UNREAL] never for wild compo
    [3DAddict] yes the shots are great.Anyway, how long did it take to create the entire demo?
    [UNREAL] we talked about it for quite a time after sunflower. Hard to say how much time it really took (my life was full of events entire 1997 :)
    [3DAddict] I see :)
    [3DAddict] did the tp version of the demo came out exactly as you have planned/imagined, or are there some things which you guys would want to improve if you had more time?
    [UNREAL] We're actually working on a final version, as it always happens, we ran out of time at tp7 :)
    [3DAddict] yes, that's very usual :)When will the final version be released and what improvements are you guys planning on?
    [UNREAL] About the improvements, we have some things to fix, even I don't know for sure (oh ok I do)
    [UNREAL] I have a couple of ideas
    [UNREAL] but then again, I'm already thinking of a sequel :)
    [3DAddict] WOW!A sequel?!Sounds very interesting!
    [3DAddict] with Alex I assume?
    [3DAddict] for TP98?
    [UNREAL] let me put it this way
    [UNREAL] tribes wouldn't be tribes without alex
    [UNREAL] so we'll do tribes2 only if alex is interested
    [UNREAL] but this time NO deadlines :)
    [3DAddict] :) ok
    [3DAddict] well, Im running out of questions, is there anything you would like to be asked about?
    [3DAddict] :)
    [3DAddict] moze po polsku?
    [UNREAL] cholera no nie wiem o co jeszcze :) ja to demo tyle razy ogladalem ze juz znam je na pamiec :)
    [3DAddict] hehe, niedziwic sie, wlasne produkcje oglada sie az do znudzenia :)
    [UNREAL] po tysiac razy, hehe
    [3DAddict] well, back to english.Was Lazur at tp?
    [UNREAL] nope
    [UNREAL] sort of :)
    [3DAddict] ?
    [3DAddict] I would swear I have seen him!
    [UNREAL] I can tell you he was not there :)
    [3DAddict] ok, anyway, his contribution to the pixel compo was amazing!
    [3DAddict] do u have any idea how long did it take him to create that image?
    [UNREAL] quite long :)
    [UNREAL] btw, what was the title organizers shown at bigscreen ?
    [3DAddict] quite long is a relative term :) was it like a month or a week? :)
    [3DAddict] which title are u referring too?
    [UNREAL] more like 2 months, but he was also very busy with school, so hard to say how much REAL time was spent on it
    [UNREAL] title of his pic
    [3DAddict] it was unreal :)
    [UNREAL] just this?
    [3DAddict] are u a pocket monster?
    [UNREAL] the title is:
    [UNREAL] "unreal: the pocket monster"
    [3DAddict] yeah, can u explain the title?
    [UNREAL] this is picture of me, the monster from little girls' pockets
    [3DAddict] hehe :)
    [3DAddict] anyway, if Lazur continues on creating his own images(no copies) like the one from tp7, hell soon be known outside the scene.Who knows, one day he may be like Boris, and the future scene genereation of graphicians will copy his work :)
    [UNREAL] I think he'd be happy to hear this
    [UNREAL] wanna see two logos he sent me today ?
    [UNREAL] (no spread0
    [3DAddict] :) sure!
    [3DAddict] dcc
    [3DAddict] no spread, ok
    [3DAddict] thx:)
    [3DAddict] what school is Lazur attending these days?
    [UNREAL] don't really know :)
    [3DAddict] ?I though u two were very close?
    [UNREAL] but heck, I'm not interested in the name of school he attends ;) It's some lyceum or something, but I don't know the details (we have nicer subjects to discuss than school, but ok, I'm quite informed about his grades anyway ;)
    [3DAddict] oh, really?And what are they then?
    [UNREAL] shh

    [3DAddict] well, thank you for the interview and all the best in your future scene carrier(It would be great to experience a sequel to Tribe) .Please say hello to Lazur from me:)DO also tell him, that his latest images are getting very good.I just hope that he had made his last copy image.I truly look forward to seeing more of his _own_ original work :)
    [UNREAL] ok I will , happy I could talk to you :D
    [3DAddict] same here :)

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