Interview with Visualize

by paradx

    This is an interview with one of the most famous
    scene graficians, with Visualize. Here is some 
    opinions of the sceners about him:
     Unreal:  he's incredibly fast in what he is doing,
      combines different techniques of drawing as itself and
      creating as well - sometimes combines rendering with 
      drawing. He was doing the grafic cover for a band "Pav-
      lovin koirat" and also for example had his gallery some-
      there in Finland  
    Mov: he is a great friend of mine.. we spend time very much together when he lived overhere... then he moved to work in remedy, and havenĘt seem him long time. So I am going to visit him this thursday, and then we will come over my house.. and have a little fun ! :D
    Programmer: vis is a finnish guy, came from Amiga I think that his style is very specific, and I like it. You know, I can always say, was the picture drawn by Visualize or not[...] Very good, as I think.
    aGi: I admire him. Surely the only artist on the scene,the rest are craftsmen, not to offend them ofkoz but he has visions which he beatifully pours into the screen. And there is the man talking himself: Visualize: How many questions you had in mind? paradx: full maybe : what is your name, how old are you and many other questions from such fooly iviews like all we were reading;) paradx: some other are coming up is what we all intersting in : your secret tips about gfx Visualize: Well, that is easy: none. :)) paradx: "...and my old-fashioned lovely scanner";))) Visualize: Scanner? Are you serious? paradx: no i'm not there are the smileys;)) paradx: are you sensitive about that? Visualize: Hmmm. VERY. Some people have actually said to me that a)I scan. b) I am runing scene with my work. Funny? Ain't it? :) paradx: i saw your pics there are no scan traces believe me Visualize: I know. :) paradx: better than me:) . you have some other style Visualize: Yeah, it is mostly an influence based style. I take something from there, I borrow something from here, and mix stuff together actually. paradx: influence - could you tell about it some more? Visualize: Well, I see something cool in someones artwork, and I take the best parts of the technique, and mix them. Simple as that. :) Visualize: I have taken techniques from Simon Bisley, Dave McKean, H.R. Giger, Bill Sienkiewicz, people like that. paradx: yop! i know only the gieger-alien from those guys:) Visualize: They are mostly modern artists, people who illustrate mostly 'comicbooks'. paradx: so you like comics?(beasley is known to me but what comx did he draw?) Lobo? Moebius? Goscinny? "Spawn"? Visualize: Lobo he did draw yes. paradx: Yeah yeah and this blood!!! everywhere:) Visualize: Well, I hate the word comic, I'd say graphical novel would be more accurate. paradx: yes : i dont like it either by that ppl mean some shitty childish cartoons:( Visualize: My point exactly. :) paradx: and on the scene : who was your favorite artman at the begining(you know: the Yoda master:) and later? Visualize: Well, in the beginning it was definitely Facet, back from Amiga ages, years later when I saw Ra's artwork on Arte, I was blown away by his original style to represent the world. paradx: maybe some more general? your name, age, group, function; you know to make the lama like me know what is gonna about;) Visualize: Well, my name is Timo J. Harju, in scene I am known as Visualize, I am at the time 22 years old, and I have no group as it is. :) paradx: hej we all want to have graphician . Dont wanna join the new energic polish group?;) You have ended with the scene? Visualize: Nope, I am looking for something totally new and asskicking. paradx: some illegal?;) Visualize: heheh. Maybe that too. ;)So I am not thru with scene yet, I haven't done one demo yet that would please me at least by 50%. I want to leave something massive behind, so don't worry, I will return. :) paradx: what your favorite program ? Visualize: In TV or PC...? :) paradx: maybe to start on amiga? or what your favorite computer? Visualize: Well, I always kinda liked Amiga better than PC in some ways, maybe because it's simplicity, not to have 100000 options and you don't even know what the first one does. But you have to move with the evolution and time, so naturally I use PC now. But when I got hang of it, PhotoShop just won't let me go! :) paradx: thats some kind a controversional prog. some scners dont like it " its a one of those things that kill the scene atmosphere"! what do you think? Visualize: Well, I can't even imagine myself doing gfx by the old way, doing every pixel etc. And because you work on such a limited enviroment, your resources are also limited. PS leaves more things for your imagination, not to your technique. But I won't deny that Pixeling should be left out from scene, no, it gives you very effective lesson what pixeling is all about, I haven┤t seen many graphicians who have started doing gfx directly on PS. It is part of what you do, but you don't wanna get stuck into it. paradx: but it is damned easy to draw with ps!! Visualize: Well, that is the whole idea. :) paradx: did you draw the woman face on 3dmark or whole site is under your mighty hand;)? Visualize: Well, the woman on the foreground was drawn my hand, but the background was 3D Studio Max 2.5 render. I fancied the idea of actually combining these two enviroment, to gain certain contrast of what we actually are doing here. Some design things were of course Photoshopped. By hand I mean. :) paradx: well done:)) maybe some disproportions but it could be for a little wierd perspective? Visualize: Yeah, this was probably done on purpose, dunno. But the distorted perspective was the idea. paradx: And to get the readers know : you are work at ... (i forgot:) Visualize: eheheh, that's Ok, I work nowdays at company called Futuremark Corporation. paradx: some of us treat gfx as a play(scene, friendship, other cool things :) . but some and me want to draw and later. Maybe for them can you tell about your work? something interesting:) Visualize: Hmmm. Intresting... To be occurate, I do demos for money, yes, for money readers. :) Most of the things which I do here are off limits when it comes to outside of the office, which is understandable. So I can't really tell what projects on I am involved right now. paradx: i dont get the beginning: "do demos for money readers" you mean on the scene?:-/ Visualize: Nope, well, I we do demos for big companies, mostly to 3D card manufactorers, to show off how powerful their new card is, hehhe, first I had trouble also understanding what demos for money meant. :) paradx: oh i see:) what year did you begin being on the scene? Visualize: Let's see... I think it was in the early '91, when I first saw some demos and intros on Amiga, they somehow fascinated me, and I got involved because of my big mouth. :) paradx: do you talk too much? Visualize: Yep, I told my friend who was a coder that I could draw, well, at that point I hadn't even loaded any paint progs on our amiga, just some stupid games. :) paradx: i have done the same! how strange seemed to me than people whom i told as a grafician tell me to show them my pics. I didnt have a one!:) Visualize: heheeh, so you know the feeling. :) paradx: maybe some tips and advices for beginners? Visualize: Well, I don't have any magic tickets to the land of drawing art, but I think patience is one of the biggest ones. I have always believed if you want something real bad, I mean really badly, then you can have it. Of course this requires lotsa work and years even, but it worked on my case. People who are starting to do gfx on PC, should first get GFX2 or some similar program, and not to go directly into PS, like I told couple minutes ago. Pixels are the basis for what gfx people do. Learn what makes them tick first. :) paradx: and what your favorite your pic and maybe some other grafician? Visualize: Well, Ra has always been my favourite from the times of Arte, favourite pic ... Well, I don't wanna say that, too many good around these days. :) paradx: Could you point some best today graficians on the scene? Visualize: Hmmm. Tough one. Lazur is good... There are also lotsa talented people around, like . .. Argh, my mind is a blank. Made is great also.. paradx: a best coder musician demo group? Visualize: As to coder, I'd say Statix maybe? Musician I'd say Falcon, demo group should be Ex-Pulse, heheeh paradx: do you have some questions to yourself:P Visualize: Yeah, one comes to my mind: Visualize: 'What are you gonna do rest of your life?' paradx: :)) the puzzle question! Visualize: Yep, that one indeed. :) Visualize: But I would really like if I could answer. :) paradx: so you work a lot. But WHY? maybe you like it? very much? Visualize: Hmmm. Maybe I have to make enuff money to get along? :) paradx: YEAH! and when you will be old you go travel and bungee jump?:) Visualize: I never have the courage for the later one, never. I tend to take one day at the time, tomorrow itself is a big mystery for me as it is. paradx: spontaneous? that is real art attitude. paradx: and a mess in the room?:) Visualize: Well, there was one yesterday, but then my parents came around and cleaned it. :( paradx: it makes grafician abilities decrease fastly, isnt it? "that old chunk of pizzas gave me so many inspirations of fractals":)) Visualize: heheeh, you have to have an own organizations there, it looks messy to someone else, but to you it looks crystal clear desk. :) paradx: well to be closer to the scene: what are your plannes for future? Visualize: Well, I continue what I am doing now, maybe come up with a demo in the near future, dunno. paradx: do you code?! Visualize: uh? No, I don't. :) paradx: hm well you will have then to join somethere:). Well that's all folks. paradx: would you like give some greetz? Visualize: Well, to all my friends (You know who you are) and special one to my fave coder, Wojtek, all the ex-pulse members, readers, family, my shrink, and last but not least Mov. :) paradx: Thank you very much for the iview:) paradx: oh yeah! thats all:)) Visualize: No, thank you. *handshake* :) paradx: thank you, and all who participated :)

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