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Nr. Handle Title Width x Height Bytes
   1    At    Acf design team 320x200 9.216   
   2    At    Augen 320x200 5.120   
   3    At    Cool acf 320x200 4.096   
   4    At    Cream 320x200 6.144   
   5    At    Death 320x200 4.096   
   6    At    Dementia 434x279 47.104   
   7    At    Drachen 320x200 6.144   
   8    At    End dragon 352x283 17.408   
   9    At    Flowers 352x283 12.288   
   10    At    Fly 400x700 29.696   
   11    At    Gott 320x200 10.240   
   12    At    Imortalize 320x200 9.216   
   13    At    Jackball 400x283 10.240   
   14    At    Onkelz 320x200 6.144   
   15    At    Psycho 384x240 15.360   
   16    At    Spec neu 320x200 12.288   
   17    At    Text coca 320x200 5.120   
   18    At    Vicente 384x238 62.464   
   19    At    Wand 320x200 9.216   
   20    At    Way 320x200 6.144   
bytes total: 287.744   
    author's comments:          
    demantia ...jep, this Logo was for the first Falcon-demo from AVENA...
    The LOGO ist 16 Color only, I paint it completly on my old ST...the backround is 
    digitized on Falcon (yes, itīs myself =)....) than I put it together on an Amiga 
    (cozī it didnīt exist a usable paintprogram for Falcon this time(think around 94))... my first 32colors picture (think around 92)
    flowers5....arg, my first and last Boris V. third Amigapicture...I made 
    this for the 68X-convention in hamburg ...but lose...
    fly7....I belive itīs my second scrolls upīnīdown in an demo... last AMIGApic
    jackball...logo for a never released game...16 colors but made on amiga second falconpicture, itīs painted from a selfmade foto...this time
     I was serching for a different style (after the "I copy everything from Boris V
    ." periode...), I only use 32 greyscales to be
    vincente2 ...aarg, my first Falconpicture, dragon & people copyed from Vicente Segrell, 
    rest my was great to make the step from 16/32 colors to 65000 =)...
    for example in the old dayīs I only can use a few greyscales for a knight but 
    now I can use any color I like =)...thats cool for more organic optic....but no 
    more lame fantasycopys afte

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