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Nr. Handle Title Width x Height Bytes
   1    Orome    3d landscape 640x480 185.344   
   2    Orome    Bobbi 640x480 160.768   
   3    Orome    Cellular 320x200 38.912   
   4    Orome    Hodeplagg 320x200 52.224   
   5    Orome    Just another story 800x600 739.328   
   6    Orome    Lego 3 320x200 26.624   
   7    Orome    Lego 5 320x200 22.528   
   8    Orome    Masisau 2 640x480 208.896   
   9    Orome    Mech 640x480 293.888   
   10    Orome    Merrydre 640x480 203.776   
   11    Orome    Night flight 640x480 159.744   
   12    Orome    Scared 640x480 66.560   
   13    Orome    Trapped 640x480 217.088   
bytes total: 2.375.680   

image nr./titel comment
1-bobbipencil sketch, which i scanned,and touched up with airbrush. I left the colourizing too boo/tln. Final pic won the convention party.
8-cellularI did this picture in about 10 hours, on request for a tg invite demo that was supposed to be released very soon. Well the demo was never finished (ofcourse with my luck), but I atleast won a gfx compo with it, so not a total waste.
7-hodeplaggDid this on a request for a demo that was actually released (Though I heard it bugged alot). (Think I've only been part of about 3-4 releases during my scene period)
6-just another storyno comment
5-lego3nothin special....just a simple design picture, for yet another demo that was not done.
4-lego5another design pic for the same unfinished demo.(I always have the best luck)
3-masisau2no comment
2-merrydremy tp pic. A rather pathetic attempt at doing some different design. Faces are so boring now i think (especially mine)
9-scaredno comment

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