Sky gallery

Nr. Handle Title Width x Height Bytes
   1    Sky    Beyond 320x256 14.336   
   2    Sky    Ethos 9 ems2l 640x480 40.960   
   3    Sky    Ethos 9 eve e 320x200 8.192   
   4    Sky    Ethos 9 eve l 640x256 7.168   
   5    Sky    Ethos 9 fatal 320x256 9.216   
   6    Sky    Haujobb 320x256 17.408   
bytes total: 97.280   

nr. image description by the author
1Beyond [o3/97] This logo is for an american crew called BEYOND. We thought to compete at the WiRED'96 demo compo, but due to the biggest problem ever - the lack of time - we didn't. Maybe there will be a release by BEYOND including some pieces of art by me. We got into contact when PRYROMANiAC (hi paul!) sent me a mail after one of my articles regarding design had been published in the iMPHOBiA mag. Maybe we'll do a jETSET-type demo with this logo :)
2E9_fatal Small little 17-colors-piccy in shades of blue, done in [o3/97] one night to possibly be included in ETHOS9's 64K-Intro for the MEKKA/SYMPOSiUM'97-Intro-Compo. Now there is a logo, a font, a fullscreen & - of course - a song. I estimated that we have about 35K left for the code :) - My only hope is that the whole Intro will be run in 320/256, so we won't have to cut away some parts, or change the aspect ratio (and besides that we won't have the screen flashing while changing the modes from one to another). The original of this pic was printed in Madonna's book "EROTiCA" (or the other one, don't remember it anymore) Right now my only fear's that these 2 pics will collide
3E9_eve_e [o9/97] This logopic has probably one of the weirdest histories that I've ever witness. It all started out with another logo in this very same style by DESERT. He did it for a intro called ESTELLE, which was supposed to be released by FUNK someday, but as FUNK ceased to exit, we (ETHOS9 and exFUNK) came up with the idea to finish and release it as a demo-coop. Thus I thought to create a logo for ETHOS9 in that very style. So I picked up drawing the evening before I left for a short trip to France & Paris. Certainly I wasn't able to finish that logo, but I've nevertheless sent it to assign, to have him find someone to finish it. When I returned home, I found that DESERT changed my preview quite drastically and it was up to me again to actually finish it off (aliasing, and some of the filling). Also he did use some colors that I didn't like, so I changed them, too... pretty nerd, eh? ;)
4E9_eve_l[o8/97] Here you see the result of half an afternoon of work or so. I got the inspiration for this one while watching a raw-preview of the last demo, FUNK is going to do. It's going to be an ETHOS9-FUNK cooperation to make it a big farewell for the quite successful FUNK-team. The 'special' inspiration came, when the demo reached a screen, drawn by DESERT. It's a logo/text-screen saying "u should be proud to c this" with a grafitti-type logo displaying the "be". So I thought to do some more pictures fitting the style set by DESERT. Apparently this is the first of those to come :). Btw the sentence below this logo is adapted :) from THE SMASHING PUMPKINS (theme from Batman 4). Let's hope one of our coders finds a way to initalize a 640x256x16c-mode on pc ;)
5Haujobb[o1/97] A logo done for the Amiga crew HAUjOBB. On the drive homewards from where we celebrated the 96/97 annual new year boozing , the organizer of HAUjOBB asked me to do some logos for them - so well here's the first one. Maybe I'll join their nice team soon, to be one of the fewer pc-artists that join in an amiga crew while still drawing on the pc. (though I have to say that I also have a modified/boosted A12oo (68o3o/5oMhz) :)
6E9_ems2l[o5/97] Now this was a 'hardcore' piece of work. I was asked to finish this logo 2 days before the actual to-be-release date (19th may '97). ARTOS, our second artist started this pic some weeks ago. So basically the outlines and a rough sketch of colors was given. Also the first two letters were done, by the time I got to lay my hands on this. As Artos has run out of time, due to several other pics and projects he was/is working on, I was asked if I was willing to finish it off. After some discussions, I had accepted this 'job'. So I had exactly 2 days to finish this pic - drawn (so far) in a style, I'm /was not used to. Well the first thing I did was completeing the "T" and filling the whole "H". Then I took a break from the letters as I wasn't really satisfied with my way of do- ing his style and started working on the flower. Several hours later (basically the time between 18.00pm and 05.00am on monday) I had finished the flower to get some rest (till 09.30am, monday). So about 4 hours later I started working on the "S" and on the "9". After that I did a rush background. Man - I seem to need the pressure to work efficently ;) because I started working on a guitar pic when I ended the menu (which was actually on saturday evening), even before starting to work on this one... :)

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