Hello and Welcome to GFXZone - the ultimate demo scene graphics site!

3D Addict - founder:

The GFXZone (GFXZ) was born during late 1996 as a small section of a personal home page. The idea was to create a small demo scene graphics gallery, to show off some of the best scene art on the web. With time, GFXZone grew bigger and expanded from being a small gallery, to be the biggest demo scene graphics site on the net. What once consisted of few hundred kilobytes of pics, is now over 500Mb in size, providing not only galleries, but interviews with famous graphicians, gfx articles, scene related news and gfx archives. Our intentions are to continue on expanding and improving for as long as we enjoy it.

NdK - Main editor:

Early 1998 I first became involved with the GFXZone and Summer 2000 I accepted the job of main editor. For me personally the GFXZone is my way of contributing to the demoscene, or in other words, it is my way of giving something back to all of you! My goal is to make the GFXZone the most complete and highest quality webresource available on demoscene graphics. This will be a lot of work and I would not be able to do it without the rest of the team. If you want to help, please send me a mail soon. Stay tuned folks!

  thanks to the following people for supporting GFXZone

3D Addict - founder:

NdK, Wishbone, Mr Ed, Snowman/Hornet, Snupi/inf, Gandalf, Tobias Franzen, Tarnow/Digital Nerds, Disty/Union, Darkness/Imphobia, Cyclone/Abyss, Ghandy, Goblin/Xtatic&Force, Made/Bomb, Prowler/Scoopex, Raster/xtatic, Unreal/Pulse, MRK, Java/Cryonics, Orome/Talent, Steve/Epsilon, shyloCK, TMK/INF, Znorc/ImpactDK, Lazur/Pulse, Visualize/Pulse, Haplo/Pulse, Danny/TBL, Sky, A.-t, Tudor/TBL, Devilstar, Nero/Matrix, Sumaleth, Saffron/tbl, Stripe/The Party main organizer.

NdK - Main editor:
3D Addict - for laying some solid foundations without which this site would not exist, for your continuing support and for your graphics; MrEd - for his indispensable work in maintaining our private collection; Wishbone - for the energy invested in this site; Gandalf & Jimbo - for their excellent planet-d hosting services and all their help; Ward - for sending your own graphics collection; Zone - for your extremely long mails and all your suggestions; Critikill - for looking after me on MS2K+1 and your endless support of the demoscene; Lazur - for disliking JPG just as much as me; X-Man - for being a perfectionist; Mime - for calling me a mad collector; CP - for offering me that beer at MS2K+1; Zero - for your talks about music, Dream Theater is the best!!; Cyclone & Saffron - for being judges in the GFXZone coop compo; Partikle - for trying to convince me JPG does not suck (but it does!); Dzordan - for teasing me; DrZulu - for all the graphics you send and our mails; Razorback - for proving that evil graphics can be extremely cool; Flood - for being patient when I did my first interview ever and for generously sending me a great book; Snupi - for his help in getting the gfxzone.org domainname back; Relict - for being a ZX Spectrum lover; mados - for caring about the size of a PNG; Andy - for understanding what collecting is all about; Slayer - for setting some of my facts straight concerning Poland; Nytrik - for not forgetting about me; Danny - for talking to me :-); XBarr - for keeping me in touch with reality; ae - for sending your graphics with a slow modem; Mantra - for the fun I had creating your personal gallery; Paolo - for not being an Amiga fan; Visualice - for not forgetting your promise to send your graphics; All people I have been in contact with over the past couple of years concerning the GFXZone, everybody who is doing their part to keep the scene interesting (you know who you are), and you our visitor, for being interested.

  GFXZone staff

  NdK main editor, poll, programming
  3D Addict /Digital Nerds programming
  Mr Ed journalist, all-round maintainer

  how to join the GFXZone staff

We always welcome new staff members who are willing to contribute to GFXZ with their talents. We are currently looking for the following:
  • Journalist. Your main task will be to write articles and do interviews (on irc, via email or live) with famous and not so famous scene personalities (mostly graphicians).
  • Maintainer. We have various areas that need constant maintenance on the GFXZone. The people database, the links page, the poll, the forum or other areas can become your responsibility.
  • Graphics collector. Collect the graphics that can be shown on the GFXZone. This involves browsing ftp sites and contacting graphicians for their graphics.
Or maybe you have another idea to help us? Please contact us if you are interested in helping!


In December 2001 3D Addict created a high quality GFXZone-themed wallpaper. The resolution is 1280x960 and the image shows a big demo-esque object set in a digital environment. As you might expect from the GFXZone, a couple of classic demoscene graphics have been used as well. The image also shows our URL and slogan. Download it here (1540KB).

Preview of the background. The original is 1280x960 and 1540KB


The GFXZone is not in any way a commercial site. GFXZone was created by sceners for the scene. All material used as content in GFXZone is owned by their respective authors and cannot be used without their permission. The content of GFXZone is not freeware. It is not allowed to use or distribute GFXZone as a commercial, or part of a commercial product without prior written permission from the main editor.
The GFXZone staff can not be held responsible for whatever consequences the content of GFXZone may lead to. Also, the GFXZone staff does not take any responsibility for the content (opinions expressed in reading material and the content of images) of the site. Only the respective authors of the works (images and any reading material) can be held responsible.

GFXZONE is powered by:

The GFXZone is party created with a collection of Amiga ARexx scripts My local copy of the GFXZone runs on Linux. Many shell scripts are used. PNG is a hypercool format that gives maximum compression without any quality loss on images

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