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[ last updated on 16.10.01 ]

  I have some great images which are not found on GFXZone. Can I mail them to you?
Yes, we are always interested in rare and good new images :) You can make us very happy if you follow some simple rules when you send us your images. First of all, we have some "file naming" rules for all the images in our private collection and on the GFXZone. Here are some examples of those rules:
As you can see these rules are pretty simple. Besides the '+', '-' and '_' character, no other special characters are allowed. Only characters and numbers and only lower-case.

Besides the rules for the filename, we also prefer having the images in the best quality possible. This means that we want you to avoid JPG whenever possible! The simple reason for this is that JPG destroys the details in an image and once you have JPGed an image, you can never get it back the way it was originally created. Our personal favourite format is PNG, because this generally gives the smallest possible files without quality loss.

  GFXZone is terribly slow! Is there any other way how I can get hold of it's content?
Unfortunately no mirrors are available at this time. We are very interested in having a mirror of the GFXZone, so please mail us if you have this ability and are interested.

We get a lot of questions from people that ask if they can have the GFXZone on a CDRom. Please understand that we can not do this for every individual that asks because of time and financial limitations. But rest assured that a GFXZone CDRom or DVD will be developed sometime in the future.

  When will this and that artist show up in GFXZone?
We try our best to put as many good images as possible. We mostly try to support active graphicians, because these people are easiest to contact for us. However, if time permits it we gladly put works from older (not active) graphicians. So if you know a graphician that is no longer active and that should have a gallery in your opinion, please send us a mail with the details of how to contact this person.

  Can I FTP to GFXZone?
Currently you can not ftp to GFXZone.

  Can you do a gallery and interview about me?
Send us some of your best work, scene background and we'll see :) If your images are good enough, you can be sure that there will be a gallery with your images!

  Can I join the GFXZone?
If you are serious about working with us, we would be very happy with your help! Please read the "How to join GFXZone staff" first and mail immediately.

  Why is it taking so long with the images from recent parties?
Really, we try to do our best. You would be surprised how much trouble we some times have to go through to find these images. The main reason for these delays however, is simply the fact that some party organizers are very poor or slow at spreading/uploading entries to the regular ftp channels. So if you think you can help us....

  Some of your links/files are incorrect or broken/corrupt.
Please mail us about that, but be specific. Give us a short and precise description (with location - URL) of what is wrong. Otherwise it is very hard for us to track down the problem as the GFXZone consists of over 10.000 files. But do send your information, because I hate it when there are errors on the GFXZone!

  Some of the information on GFXZone pages is incorrect.
I am very interested in that information. Please note that I do not know about these mistakes (or I would have already fixed them!), so just mail us and explain what is incorrect, where and why do you think that?

  I have all the entries from party X, but I can not find these entries on GFXZone. Should I send them?
Yes, you are very welcome to do that, as this always saves us work. But do tell us which party the images are from and include the results if they are available. When you are sending images, please don't send more than 5MB at once.

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